Zoom Livetrak L-12

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The Zoom LiveTrack L-12 is a powerful digital mixer featuring 12 channels accompanied by a stereo mix and five customisable headphone mix channels.
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Live Mixing & Recording Solution

The Zoom LiveTrack L-12 is the ideal mixing & recording solution for musicians and podcasters, providing a compact and affordable way to capture recordings in immense quality. The LiveTrack L-12 features twelve discrete channels in total as well as a stereo mix and five custom headphone mixes. It also features a wide range of connectivity including premium-grade mic preamps that boast the quietest and most advanced circuitry that Zoom has to offer. You can mix and record live performances, straight to an SD card; which then can be remixed on-board or transferred to a digital audio workstation for deeper editing capabilities. The Zoom L-12 features nine varying scene in total, where you can save and customise your mixer settings for instant recall for optimal flexibility.

Exceptional Audio Fidelity & Performance

The Livetrack L-12 Mixer can deliver exceptional audio fidelity thanks to the premium-grade components and low noise microphone preamps. This allows you to record studio-grade audio up to 24-bit/96kHz in the WAV format. This allows you to capture every nuance from your live performance, ideal for musicians who are recording live gigs and even for more advanced podcast setups.

Versatile Digital Audio Interface

One of the most unique features of this digital live mixer is the ability to use it as a full-featured digital audio interface as well as a mixer. The versatile design means you can connect the mixer to your computer using the integrated USB connection, allowing you to output the signals to a DAW, which can also be passed to an L-12 stereo channel and sent to the master out. This gives you the ability to play backing track whilst you mix and record for added versatility.

Analog Controls & Send-Effects

The ergonomic design of the LiveTrack L-12 features high-quality analog-style controls, allowing you to control every parameter with superior precision and make subtle changes to your levels on the fly. It also boasts an integrated 3-band, mid-parametric EQ for each channel, allowing you to change the way each channel sounds. It also boasts 16 built-in send effects ranging from delays to reverb effects and more. When you save your settings to scenes it will also save the fader positions as well as EQ, pan and mute settings for added convenience.

Design & Connectivity

The robust and roadworthy design is ideal for the digital musician on the move. The compact design means its highly portable and can accommodate a wide range of settings. The main display located on the bottom right of the mixer provides information on the recording length, sample rate and other vital information, providing you with a small scroll wheel for navigating your information and the display. There are also transport controls located underneath the display, as well as a built-in microphone for talking to your artists. The fader, back-lit display and lights that surround the controls are ideal for low light environments, allowing you to see your controls at all times. As well as XLR microphone inputs, the mixer also boats line inputs as well as individual headphone connections for each member of the band.


  • 12-Channel digital live mixer
  • Stereo mix channel
  • Five customisable headphones mixes
  • Premium-grade, low-noise, advanced microphone preamps
  • 24-bit/96kHz audio fidelity
  • Store projects directly to an SD card
  • Monitor output allows you to send up to five individual mixes to headphones or in-ear monitors
  • Analog-style, precision controls
  • 3-band mid-parametric EQ on each channel
  • 16 integrated send effects
  • Equipped with different scenes for saving mixer settings
  • Can function as a digital audio interfaced via USB connectivity


  • Actual Measurements: -128 dB EIN (IHF-A) with +60 dB/150 Ohms input
  • Display: LCD with backlight (128x64 resolution)
  • Power Supply: ZOOM AD-19 AC adapter (DC12 V/2 A)
  • Power Consumption: 17W maximum
  • External Dimensions: 445 mm (W) x 282 mm (D) x 70.5 mm (H) // 17.5” (W) x 11.1” (D) x 2.78” (H)
  • Weight (Main Unit Only): 2.53 kg / 5.58 lbs