Yamaha MGP32X Mixer

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  • Yamaha MGP32X Mixer, ideal for a vast range of applications.
  • Offers outstanding sound quality, advanced DSP functions and USB recording and playback.
  • Features Class-A "D-PRE" head amps with inverted Darlington circuitry.
  • X-Pressive EQs capture the ultimate in analogue authenticity.
  • Features a 31-band graphic equaliser with selectable 9 flex-band or 14 fixed band options.
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Yamaha MGP32X Mixer

The MGP32X features Class-A "D-PRE" head amps, with inverted Darlington circuitry, and "X-Pressive" EQs that capture the ultimate in analogue authenticity and reproduce the unique frequency characteristics of sought-after classic EQ modules. These give the mixer an impressively warm sound.

The mixer also features a 31-band graphic equaliser with selectable 9 flex-band or 14 fixed band options. A 3-band master compressor is assigned to the stereo bus, for unprecedented and intricate levels of audio control.

There are two USB ports for high-quality digital recording and playback and smart integration with iPod and iPhone. This allows in-depth editing of effects, EQ and Hybrid channel options via editor apps.

The MGP32X provides three essential features for both installed and live sound applications: Priority Ducker, Leveler and Stereo Image. There are also dual digital effects processors with editable parameters.



  • 24 microphone inputs
  • Discrete Class-A 'D-PRE' head amps
  • Musical 'X-Pressive' EQ
  • Professional 1-knob compressors
  • Dual digital effects processors: REV-X and SPX
  • Stereo hybrid channels DSP effects (Leveler, Stereo Imager, Priority Ducker)
  • Digital connectivity for iPod/iPhone
  • USB Device record/playback (16-bit WAV, MP3)
  • 31-band GEQ (9 flex-band / 14 fixed-band)
  • Master 3-band compressor assigned to stereo bus
  • Free MGP Editor
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