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The New AG series combines a USB Mixer with an audio interface for a compact and versatile audio tool for musicicans.
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The New AG series combines a USB Mixer with an audio interface for a compact and versatile audio tool for musicicans. With Yamaha's state of the art DSP and a range of connectivity, the AG Series offers great value for both musicians and non musical events.

The AG series come equipped with D-PRE mic preamps, part of Yamaha's high-end recording gear, and are capable of capturing the distinctive nuances of vocal and instrumental performances with the flawless fidelity of the AG's high-resolution 192kHz/24bit sound.The AG also features an innovative and intelligent LOOPBACK function so that anyone can broadcast their content live online along with backing tracks or additional audio from connected PC or Mac computers or an iPad.

Onboard 1-TOUCH DSP instantly adds optimally set Comp,EQ and effects. And for more precise control of these settings, the multi-platform AG DSP Controller software available for free download allows users to access and edit the compressor, EQ, high-pass filter, reverb, and amp simulator parameters. You also get CUBASE AI music production software for your Mac or PC or you could download the Cubasis DAW app for your ipad.

USB bus power allows users to instantly configure a compact yet powerful studio setup with a single connection to their computer, or using a mobile battery with an iPad.

Phantom Power and a Hi-Z switchable input allow you to connect a variety of microphones, instruments and external audio players directly into your AG, while front panel volume knobs provide fast and easy volume control.


High resolution (192kHz / 24bit) playback and recording
AG’s high-resolution sound reproduces every subtlety of your performances and recordings with flawless fidelity and accurate imaging, ideal for music production, mixing and broadcasting, as well as high-definition listening.

D-PRE studio quality mic preamp
AG features the same premium mic preamps developed by Yamaha for high-end recording consoles, capturing most detailed nuances of your vocal or instrumental performance.

1-TOUCH DSP offers professional sound with a single touch
AG features 1-TOUCH DSP that utilizes Yamaha’s state-of-the-art signal processing technology. COMP/EQ will hone your tone while EFFECT adds ambient reverb, and AMP SIM delivers a classic, warm tube amp sound—all at the touch of a button.

AG DSP Controller allows additional control of DSP settings
Compatible with Windows and MAC, AG DSP Controller gives you additional control of 1-TOUCH DSP parameters such as COMP, EQ, HPF, reverb, and the AMP SIM. EASY mode utilizes a simple intuitive interface while EXPERT mode gives users more detailed control.

LOOPBACK function for internet live streaming
The LOOPBACK function consolidates all input channels and playback tracks, and routes the mix to your internet streaming software for easy live streaming of performances to the internet.

Class Compliant mode for iPad connection
AG is compatible with Apple’s second generation iPad or later, allowing you to create high quality recording and playback using an iOS compatible music app such as Cubasis. *Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit/ Lightning to USB Camera Adapter required

Durable, compact metal chassis
The tough metal body of the AG is extremely portable and easy to place on a keyboard, on a guitar case, or even on a mic stand using an optional adapter.

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