Wavebone Star Rover Workstation Studio Desk Black

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  • The Wavebone Star Rover Workstation offers an experience of quality, style, and functionality. Maximise your home project studio space with its compact, ergonomic design.
  • Immerse yourself in the ergonomically designed 6U of 19" rack space. Positioned in the primary listening spot, it enhances convenience and productivity.
  • Achieve the ideal sitting position and improve your working posture with the vertically adjustable keyboard tray.
  • Enhance any working environment with the modern and bold aesthetic of the workstation's sleek black-on-black finish.
  • Experience hassle-free assembly and disassembly with the unit's superior quality and design.
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Wavebone Star Rover Workstation Studio Desk Black

The Wavebone Star Rover Workstation Studio Desk is a remarkable and versatile desk designed specifically for creative professionals and music enthusiasts working in smaller environments but don't want to settle for less. This workstation offers a perfect blend of functionality, style, and comfort to elevate your studio setup. Its all-black finish adds a bold look to any working environment, while the compact design ensures optimal productivity and long-term comfort.


Small size Big space

The Wavebone Star Rover Workstation Studio Desk provides ample space and storage options to meet the needs of creative professionals. With its spacious surface, you have plenty of room for your computer, monitors, MIDI controllers, and other essential studio equipment. The desk features a raised monitor shelf, allowing for an optimal viewing angle. It also includes a 5-position height-adjustable keyboard tray, promoting a comfortable working position. Multiple storage compartments are available to keep your workspace organised and clutter-free. 


Optimise Your Workflow

The Wavebone Star Rover Workstation Studio Desk elevates your workflow to new heights. With its integrated 6U of 19" rack space strategically positioned at the prime listening spot, you have easy access to your 19" devices for a seamless workflow experience. The desk's cable management system ensures a clutter-free environment, further enhancing your productivity. Upgrade to this desk and optimise your studio setup with conveniently placed racks and efficient cable management, all designed to elevate your work to the next level.


Key Features 

  • High-quality Black-on-Black Design 
  • Ergonomic 6U of 19" Rack Space
  • Cable Conscious Layout
  • Removable Desk Board
  • Adjustable Keyboard Tray
  • Large Work Surface

Width (W):   1050 mm (41.33 in)

Height (H):   905 mm (35.62 in)

Depth (D):   812 mm (31.96 in)

Keyboard Depth:   300 mm (11.81 in)

Keyboard Width:   940 mm (37.00 in)

TD:   405 mm (15.94 in)

TH:   760 mm (29.92 in)

Shelf Depth:   340 mm (13.38 in)

Shelf Height:   145 mm (5.70 in)

Keyboard Height:   77 mm (3.03 in) 97 mm (3.81 in) 117 mm (4.60 in) 137 mm (5.39 in) 157 mm (6.18 in)