VOX Condenser Pack Plus

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The VOX Condenser Pack Plus is a collection of accessories you'll need with a condenser microphone to achieve professional-level results and will reduce a huge amount of room reflections from being captured on your recordings.
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VOX Condenser Pack Plus

Nylon Mesh Pop Shield / Filter 150mm


Improve the quality of your microphone recordings with the Nylon Mesh Pop Shield. Designed to fit most microphone stands this accessory is a studio must-have item that will prevent any plosives finding their way in your vocal recordings.


The pop shield features a large diameter of 150mm and an extra-long gooseneck of 350mm that will enable you to find the optimal position with your microphone.


The Nylon Mesh Pop Shield can be easily connected to most microphones stands and will bring a new level of clarity to your next podcast, voiceover, vocal take and more.

Pro Neutrik XLR Cable 5m Black by Studiospares


Manufactured to the highest specification with the finest audio connectors and Sommer Cable. The Pro Neutrik XLR Cable cannot be beaten on performance or durability qualities. Manufactured at our Luton HQ.

Studiospares RED50 Reflection Filter


The RED50 is an entry-level mic filter offering a significant improvement in clarity when recording vocals. A simplified design which is quick and easy to set up, the RED50 is also lighter than other alternatives, making it a highly portable solution you can take anywhere.



  • Adjustable both horizontally and vertically, making it simple to get the perfect setup whether you're using a large or small microphone.
  • Comes with a clamp to attach the RED50 to a mic stand.
  • Dimensions 500 x 380 x 260 mm

IsoCube Vocal Microphone Isolator by Studiospares


The Studiospares IsoCube is a high-quality reflection filter made from acoustic foam, with an integrated pop filter on the front of it. The Studiospares IsoCube is a fantastic cost-effective alternative to other products on the market.


Cleaner Recordings

The benefits of using The IsoCube during your recordings will be a decrease in room reflections heard on your recordings, as the IsoCube will do a fantastic job of absorbing these before they are picked up by the microphones capsule. The reduced reflections will result in you receiving a natural and professional sounding recording without post-edit processing or having to treat your recording space acoustically.


Integrated Pop-Filter

The integrated pop-filter will help in reducing any plosives being recorded during a performance, thus saving you the hassle of losing that perfect take or spending time post-editing. Additionally, having a spherical shape around your recording microphone will keep a more significant distance between the performer and the microphone, resulting in a reduction of any proximity effects on your recordings.


Portable Lightweight Solution

The lightweight properties of the Studiospares IsoCube make this a portable product that can be easily transported between recording studios or venues while out on the road. The entry hole on the bottom of the IsoCube is 4.5cm wide making this more than able to be used across a vast array of microphone choices.



  • Height: 18cm
  • Width: 20.5cm
  • Depth: 18cm
  • Pop Filter Diameter: 12.5cm
  • Microphone Entry Hole: 4.5cm
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