XLR Male - Stereo Jack Lead Black Colour (1m - 5m)

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  • XLR Male - Stereo Jack Lead Black Colour and 1m, 2.5m and 5m.
  • Uncompromising on quality, this balanced, lead connects an XLR male plug to a stereo jack.
  • They are heavy duty and flexible being considered second to none.
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XLR Male - Stereo Jack Lead 1m, 2.5m, and 5m

A range of popular XLR Leads based on the Precision series connectors. These are no-compromise leads built to a professional standard, not a price. They are heavy duty and flexible being considered second to none. Whether you're a professional musician, podcaster, or sound engineer, these cables are the perfect choice for any audio application where reliability and sound quality are of utmost importance.

Main Benefits:

  • Precision XLRs and Jacks are based on die-cast zinc shells that have no screws
  • Positive cable retention by a chuck which maintains even circular compression
  • Perfect connection with silver-plated contact material on Phosphor Copper
  • Rubber boot reduces cable exit bending stress and the ingress of moisture
  • Low loss and low capacity Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) maintains high frequencies to avoid signal degradation
  • Spirally wound copper wire strands ensures excellent flexibility and the best screening
  • Best possible screening by 64 strands of copper wire wound spirally round the signal conductors
  • Lowest DC losses with 20 strands of 0.12mm copper wire
  • PVC jacket remains flexible down to below 10 degrees
  • Leads include a hook and loop retained cable wrap. Can be slipped off if not required. Good for keeping unused stored leads from tangling
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 and imported by the container load to sell at a highly competitive price.