8-Way Loom XLRm - XLRf 2.5m Balanced (2.5m - 5m)

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  • 8-Way XLR male – XLR female 2.5m Balanced Looms are custom-made to fit your needs, whether you're a musician, content creator, audio engineer, or producer, ensuring highly reliable connectivity.
  • Crafted with precision and care, our cables eliminate noise and frequency loss, ensuring crystal clear sound for your studio and live performances.
  • Simplify cable management, reduce clutter and enable efficient signal routing in both recording and live performance setups.
  • Connect multiple audio signals from instruments, microphones, and other gear with ease, streamlining connections between various studio equipment and simplifying setup.
  • Ideal for live performances, our looms provide greater movement and durability, facilitating quick and easy setup while minimising the risk of cable tangling or damage.
  • Custom made at our Luton, UK headquarters, our cables are built to the highest standards, ensuring reliability for your audio needs.
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Studiospares 8-Way Loom XLRm - XLRf Balanced (2.5m - 5m)


Our cables aren't just leads for connecting your equipment; they're the lifeline of your studio and live performance, engineered with precision and care to eliminate noise and frequency loss, ensuring your sound remains crystal clear. 8-Way XLR male – XLR female 2.5m Balanced Looms are highly reliable and custom made to your needs whether you are a musician, content creator, audio engineer, producer or anyone that cares about their audio. 

This loom is used in recording and in live performances to route multiple audio signals from gear such as instruments and microphones and feed them into a multi-channel mixing console or audio interface. The 8-Way XLR male – XLR female 2.5m Balanced Looms allows you to streamline cable management, reduce clutter, and enables efficient signal routing.  

In a studio setting, there are often numerous types of gear that need to be interconnected effectively. For example, you might have individual cables for microphones, synthesisers, and effects units running from their respective locations to a central patch bay or audio interface. With a loom, these cables can be combined into a single cable assembly, reducing cable clutter and making it easier to manage connections. 

In a live setting, looms are used in a similar way but allow for more movement, durability and make it easier and quicker to setup the many microphones, instruments and stage monitors that come with putting on a live performance. Looms allow audio engineers and stage technicians to run a single cable from the stage to the mixing console or front-of-house position, reducing setup time and minimising the risk of cable tangling or damage. 


What is a Loom? 

A Loom is a bundled set of cables used to streamline connection between numerous types of audio equipment. It typically consists of multiple individual cables which are encased in a single outer jacket, often with labels or color-coding to identify each cable's purpose. Looms can vary in size, configuration, and connector types to accommodate different equipment setups.


Cables You Can Trust 

At Studiospares we take cable quality seriously. Our Snakes and looms are custom-made to fit your setup perfectly, our expert team meticulously craft these professional-quality cables by hand at our Luton, UK HQ.    


Key Features

  • 8-Way XLR male – XLR female Balanced Looms are custom-made for musicians, engineers, and producers.
  • Crafted with care to eliminate noise and frequency loss, ensuring crystal-clear sound.
  • Route multiple audio signals from instruments and microphones effortlessly in recording and live performances.
  • Reduce clutter and simplify signal routing with the 8-Way XLR male – XLR female Balanced Looms.
  • Allows for more movement, durability, and quicker setup in live performances.
  • Custom-made by hand at our UK HQ, ensuring professional-quality cables you can trust.