USB Podcast Bundle

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The USB Podcast Bundle is collection of items you'll need to achieve great quality recordings when you start your next podcast.
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USB Podcast Bundle

Studiospares Pro Variable Table Stand


This foldable and variable height low table stand boasts a strong metal construction and a practical, collapsible tripod base. Includes a microphone holder. Height can be varied from 140mm - 190mm. The construction drastically reduces any low frequency sounds coming up through the desktop. Folds up and can be put in your pocket.


Height: 140mm – 190mm

Colour black.

Weight 0.4kg

Nylon Mesh Pop Shield / Filter 150mm


Improve the quality of your microphone recordings with the Nylon Mesh Pop Shield. Designed to fit most microphone stands this accessory is a studio must-have item that will prevent any plosives finding their way in your vocal recordings.


The pop shield features a large diameter of 150mm and an extra-long gooseneck of 350mm that will enable you to find the optimal position with your microphone.


The Nylon Mesh Pop Shield can be easily connected to most microphones stands and will bring a new level of clarity to your next podcast, voiceover, vocal take and more.

SoundLab Studio Microphone Reflection Screen White


The SoundLab Studio Microphone Reflection Screen is a well-designed sound isolation screen that can be used stand-alone or easily fitted onto most stands that have tube diameter from OD 15mm to OD 28mm.


A unique feature of this sound isolation screen is that the left and right panels can be adjusted to give the best sound protection depending on the setting you are in, so you can achieve the best results and quality of audio during your recording sessions.  


The SoundLab Studio Microphone Reflection Screen is ideally used in home studios, rehearsal studios or other untreated acoustic locations, this sound isolation screen isolates the mic from unwanted reflections so you can achieve clean, crisp recordings. 



  • Reduces Externals Reflections when Vocal Recording
  • Allows for Clean, Sharp Vocal Recordings
  • Perfect for Home or Small Professional Studios
  • Ideal for Portable Use
  • Stand Alone or Stand Mounting
  • Net weight (kg): 4.5


Product Dimensions:

  • Height (Incl. feet) – 375mm
  • Curve Circumference – 870mm
  • Width (Open) – 550mm
  • Width (Closed) – 430mm
  • Depth (Open) – 270mm
  • Depth Closed – 170mm