Universal Acoustics Mercury Diffusor 300x300 x1

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Universal Acoustics Mercury Diffusor EPS 300mm x 300mm...
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UA Mercury Diffuser EPS 300mm x 300mm

Universal Acoustics Mercury Diffusers are available in 300mm and 600mm square sizes. Their flat surfaces are 50mm thick but include peaks and dips between 20mm and 80mm high to achieve their hard surfaced diffusion properties. They are made from Fire Retardant EPS (Expanded  Polystyrene) to Class 3 fire specification and finished in standard white. They can be painted with water based emulsion for visual purposes without affecting the sonic performance.

Diffusers are gaining popularity as a low cost solution for creating a more open or lively characteristic within a small or dull sounding room. UA diffusers can be mounted in clusters independently or combined  with all UA absorption tiles and can offer noticeable benefits especially when ceiling mounted over the mix position.

The specially designed Mercury Diffuser surface  provides redirection  of sound waves while maintaining sonic energy in your  audio environment

  • - Available in 300mm and 600mm square sizes
  • - 50mm depth
  • - Made from Fire Retardant EPS
  • - Finished in Standard White
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