Trojan AMC16U Pop-Up Mixer Flight Case with Legs

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This version is a variant of the MC16U where the mixer...
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Trojan AMC16U Pop-Up Mixer Case

The Trojan AMC16U is an all-in-one package for those DJs and engineers that are asked to setup without a table. At the top of the cabinet is a 12U rack space for small rack mountable mixing desks with enough headroom to accommodate for most professional mixers. Below the mixing desk is a cabinet with 16U for your favorite amplifiers, equalizers, compressors and gates. The front and back lids to the rack gear also include collapsible legs to pop-up a small table; perfect for CDJs, turntables or party snacks.

The 9mm plywood is reinforced with anodised aluminium for a sturdier construction. Two of the four castor wheels on the bottom also include breaks, so once you have positioned yourself comfortably, or loaded the van, your case and mixer are secured in place.


Trojan AMC16U Key Features

  • There is 12U of mixer space.
  • Rear access is a hinged rear door.
  • Front and rear covers form tables either side of the case.
  • Table tops measure 900mm x 500mm and are 715mm from the ground.
  • The legs retract inside the lids and are held in place by Velcro straps for transportation purposes.
  • Outer dimensions when case is packed: Height:107cm, Width:78cm, Depth:53cm.
  • The height includes the height of the wheels at the bottom
  • Weight 46.0kg


Please note: The top part doesn't fit all the digital mixers (e.g. Allen & Heath QU-16).