Trojan ABS Shallow Rack Flight Case 3U

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19'' 3U Half-Depth ABS Plastic Rack Flight Case
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Trojan ABS Shallow Rack Flight Case 3U

The Trojan ABS Shallow Rack flight case is a heavy-duty solution for transporting your rack equipment to its destination safely and securely. The road can be treacherous and harsh, which is why Trojan ABS cases have been specifically designed and improved to endure the harshest of treatments while in use.



To be roadworthy the Trojan ABS flight case features an increased body thickness from 2.5mm to 3mm compared to previous model series, with bracing being moulded into the body and the lids to deliver superb durability qualities to ensure your equipment arrives undamaged.

The Trojan ABS case can counteract against water and dust by implementing a gasket that’s sunk into the edges of the lids, so once compressed by the lip on the body it forms a tight seal to keep water or dust from entering the case. The case features 4x draw bolts with tension springs to ensure the lid is shut as tight as possible.

The Trojan ABS case features rack strips at both ends, to allow you a choice as to which end you decide to mount your rack equipment, an advantage over other rack equipment cases that only allow you one dedicated side to fit any equipment. The equipment mounting strips are threaded with M5 screw holes, so overall cage nuts are not required.

Multiple Trojan ABS cases can be stacked without sliding off one and other thanks to the shape of its design. The top of the case features a raised design while the bottom of the case features an indented design, so when the top meets the bottom of another case, they both slot into one and other forming a ridged stack.

Additionally, the corners are also strengthened by metal plates that form the anchoring points for your mountable equipment. The Trojan ABS Shallow Rack Flight Case is half the depth of a regular rack case, explicitly designed for shallower rack units that don’t require the regular full depth. Lastly, the distance between rack strips is 480mm, ideal for mounting 19” rack gear.

Unit Height: 3U
Screws: 12
Pads: 12
U piece: 36 holes
Weight: 5.0kg

Height: 215mm
Width: 550mm
Depth: 360mm