Trojan ABS Rack Flight Case 4U

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  • Exterior measurements - 630 x 500 x 230mm.
  • Front/back removable lids and 4U 19-inch rack strip mounts.
  • Fully retractable quick-release butterfly catches.
  • 3mm ABS construction with chrome plating and shaped anchoring points so it can be stacked safely.
  • Strong and rugged construction to keep equipment safe during transit.
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Trojan ABS Rack Flight Case 4U

The Trojan Pro 4U ABS Rack Flight Case is a high quality, lightweight rack flight case designed for transporting your equipment safely and securely. The Trojan Pro 4U ABS Rack Flight Case Enjoy lets you enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your equipment will be safe, no matter how bumpy the journey is. All thanks to its durable 3mm ABS construction and steel chrome plated design that will protect your equipment whilst travelling on the road for years to come.


Removable Lids

The Trojan Pro 4U ABS Rack Flight Case features 2 removable lids so you can easily rack up your equipment and have access to both front and back elements once set up at the studio or live show. The Trojan Pro Rack Flight Case can prevent moisture and dust from entering the case while in transit thanks to a gasket that’s sunk into the edges of the lids, so once compressed it forms a super tight seal. A handy little feature is the extra depth of 630mm, this allows for plugs and cables to remain attached to your equipment while in transit, saving you the job of having to un-connect everything before moving to the next gig.


4U Rack Strips

The Trojan Pro 4U ABS Rack Flight Case features rack strips at both ends of the case. Allowing you an extra option of choice when racking up your equipment, unlike other equipment cases that have only one dedicated side for rack strips. No matter how complex or creative your rack equipment set up is, the Trojan Pro 4U ABS Rack Flight Case accommodates as much as possible. Lastly, the equipment mounting strips are threaded with M5 screw holes, so overall cage nuts are not required.


Heavy-duty Butterfly Catches

The Trojan Pro 4U ABS Rack Flight Case features 4x industrial-strength butterfly catches that are mounted to the case with rivets to ensure they can stand the abuses of the road whiling staying attached, remaining functional and ensuring the lids are shut as tight as possible so your equipment stays safe. The catches are quick release and fully retractable to minimise any hassle whilst trying to remove the lids once you’ve arrived at the venue and time is sensitive.


Shaped Anchoring Points and Carry Handles

The Trojan Pro 4U ABS Rack Flight Case features shaped anchoring points on the bottom of the case and shaped recesses, so when you slot and stack multiple Trojan Pro ABS Rack Flight Cases, they stand tall and secure; letting you get on and concentrate on the show or session you are in. Lastly, the Trojan Pro 4U ABS Rack Flight Case features multiple heavy-duty handles that make carrying it a breeze.

More Information
  • Weight: 6.2kg
  • Height: 230mm
  • Width: 500mm
  • Depth: 630mm
  • U Piece: 48 holes
  • Screws: 16
  • Pads: 16