TritonAudio FetHead

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  • Make your ribbon and low-output dynamic microphones sound great
  • Provides up to 27dB of clean gain
  • Ultra low noise thanks to Class A FET amplifier circuitry
  • Capture every last nuance via its extended frequency response
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TritonAudio FetHead

Boost your microphone

FetHead is a low-noise, high quality, in-line microphone preamplifier. It provides improved sound for Ribbon and Dynamic microphones. The electronics are housed in a robust metal chassis with a balanced 3-pole female XLR input and a balanced 3-pole male XLR output, rugged enough for use at home, in the studio or on tour.



Inspired by the positive results of the BigAmp, Tritonaudio wondered if a phantom powered, high-quality preamp preceding the microphone cable could improve the sound quality of a ribbon or dynamic microphone. The results were more than convincing. Enter FetHead, their latest innovation in phantom-powered preamp design. While testing FetHead, Tritonaudio noticed an overall increase of sound quality and a change of tonal character of the attached dynamic microphone towards a more open, controlled sound.


Which microphones benefit

In short, we noticed an improvement on all tested dynamic microphones. A Shure SM57 or SM58 for instance sounds more responsive over a broader frequency range. When mated with a high-end dynamic microphone like a Sennheiser MD441, or Shure SM7 FetHead really shines. Ribbon microphones benefit greatly too because of a much better impedance match, which lessens the load on the microphone, thus giving it better transient response characteristics. FetHeads high quality, low noise signal amplification also extends the usable range of a ribbon microphone, by making it more suitable for recording softer passages without introducing noise.


Protects the microphone

Some ribbon microphones do not tolerate phantom power, FetHead's circuit uses Phantom power but shields it from its input (and the microphone's output). As a result, it offers effective protection to the microphone.


Low noise

Fethead uses low noise jfets configured as a double class amplifier. Jfet's are among the quietest amplifying elements available today. The calculated noise figure of the FetHead based on the jfet's datasheet is lower than we are able to measure.


How it works

Attach FetHead onto a balanced microphone cable and plug it in a dynamic microphone, switch on phantom power and enjoy FetHeads Natural open sound!



  • Ultra low noise Class A JFet amplifier
  • 27dB amplification (@ 3 Kohm load)
  • double single-ended amplifier topology
  • Balanced output
  • Lots of headroom
  • Z-in 22k
  • 24-48 v phantom power