TritonAudio FetHead Broadcast

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FetHead Broadcast Preamp for live and broadcast application.
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TritonAudio FetHead Broadcast

General layout consists of a high quality jfet gain stage, followed by a low impedance output buffer to enable output drive to long cables (up to 3000 meters).

FetHead Broadcast offers 25dB's of low noise, high quality amplification which can be applied to either dynamic or condenser microphones as phantom power is transferred to the microphone.

During live performances microphone signals often travel through long cables. If they travel adjacent to power lines or dimmed light cables, audible signal interference into the microphone cable often occurs usually resulting in a polluted signal. The FetHead Broadcast prevents this from happening by amplifying the signal before the cable. It improves the signal to noise ratio and offers a high quality signal to the mixer. Another advantage is that the FetHead Broadcast does not need main supplies or batteries.




  • Enables output drive to long cables (up to 3000 meters)
  • 25dB's of low noise, high quality amplification
  • Designed for operating in live and broadcast environments
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