Trantec S4.10 Handheld System CH70

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The S4.10 Series maintains Trantec's position as the industries leading wireless microphone manufacturer.
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Trantec S4.10 Handheld System Channel 70


The S4.10 series Handheld Systemis a full featured product accommodating 4 systems out of 10 available frequencies on licence free Channel 70. This leaves space for adjacent guard band to stop interference. With an Enhanced Frequency Bank system it maximises the availability of clear unused frequencies. A simple Easy Lock system synchronises multiple transmitters to receivers.


S4.10 Handheld Transmitter

Dynamic capsule with a smooth 50Hz – 15kHz frequency response Well defined cardioid pickup pattern rejects feedback and background noise The smooth response is Ideal for additional applications such as instrument recording A switchable -10dB pad decreases sensitivity when high SPLs are encountered Stainless Steel mesh protects capsule against damage Capsule soft suspended to avoid handling noise Two stage pop filter shields capsule from Plosive sounds Fully synthesized PLL quartz tuning technology Selected operating channel automatically locks transmitter and receiver together via simple Infra Red link or can be achieved manually Squelch is automatic as the system senses the absence or weak microphone signal and mutes.
Microphone mutes when audio is not present Lower Case unscrews to reveal 1. AA battery 2. infra-red sensor 3. Channel number 4. -10dB pad switch 5. Set button selects chosen frequency Range of up to 100 metres Low Battery Alarm is shown on the receiver by a blinking LED An AA battery gives up to 10 hours of quality performance


The Microphone holder fits both  3/8 inch and 5/8 inch 27 tpi mic stands


S4.10 series Receiver

Diversity reception automatically switches between antennas A and B for best reception Up to four channels can be used simultaneously without interference due to the restricted channel space assigned to channel 70 Antennas can be set at any angle to maximise best reception. V formation is usually best Antennas plug into BNC sockets at the rear so external aerials can be substituted if reception is poor Automatic frequency scan searches for the four clearest frequencies LEDs show 1. RF reception signal strength 2. Which diversity channel is in use, either left or right 3. Lights red at -3dB audio level overload point 4. Channel identity 5. Transmitter battery status alert when transmitter battery is low Signal Squelch automatically mutes when carrier is not present Simple Sync locking procedure. Manual and automatic. Locks chosen transmitter to receiver Audio output level adjustable Audio outputs, XLR balanced and Jack unbalanced.


What’s in the Box

Handheld Transmitter
Receiver Power Supply
2x Aerials on BNC connectors


Various accessories are available to enhance the performance and adaptability of the system

Trantec continue to lead the Radiomic industry with their innovation, consistent performance and build quality. Their products are literally second to none and with the company being UK based, their technical support is the benchmark of the Pro Audio Industry.

Channel 70 is Licence free
Some equipment that is manufactured can tune into frequencies that do not require a licence to operate. There are several licence exempt areas for PMSE use.

The UHF licence exempt range is 863.100-864.900 MHz. This is within Channel 70. The power on channel 70 is limited by legislation to 10mw for handheld microphone transmitters. There is no limitation to how many frequencies can used in this channel as long as users stay within the confines of the band. On average users would probably be able to use four units at one time.
There are currently no plans to remove access to Channel 70; it will continue to be licence exempt for PMSE users.

Channel 70 is adjacent to use of mobile in the 800 MHz band. There should not be any interference however this is the risk taken with the licence exempt channels.



Handheld Transmitter 
RF Carrier Power 10 mW
Audio Frequency Response 80 Hz – 15kHz
Audio Input Level 140 db SPL. 150dB SPL with -10 dB Pad switched in.
Battery Life Approx. 10 hours
Power Supply 1 AA size battery, 1.5V
Finish Resin, Coating
Dimensions 250 x 55mm
Weight 245g with battery


S4.10 Receiver 
Diversity Reception   Antenna Diversity
Sensitivity  10uV at 45dBA, S/N
Squelch Tone SQ, Carrier SQ, Noise SQ
Audio Frequency Response  50Hz – 15kHz
Audio Output Level (Max.) Balanced (XLR): -20dBu, Unbalanced(1/4″ jack socket): 10dBu 
Power Supply 12 VDC 500mA
Dimensions mm 215(W) x 39(H) x 102(D)
Weight 480g