Trantec S4.10 Beltpack Transmitter CH38

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The S4.10 Series maintains Trantec's position as the industries leading wireless microphone manufacturer.
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Trantec S4.10 Beltpack Transmitter Channel 38

The S4.10 Series Beltpack transmitter is channel 38 compliant with 16 switchable licenced frequencies and up to 10 simultaneous channels. All built on fully synthesised PLL quartz tuning technology. With an Enhanced Frequency Bank system it maximises the availability of clear unused compatible licensable frequencies. A simple easy lock system synchronises multiple transmitters to receivers.
NB. It is illegal to use Channel 38 without a Licence.


Beltpack Transmitter S4.10

Part of a fully integrated system
Transmitter cover unhinges to reveal
1. Selected channel number,
2. Infra-red port to communicate with receiver 3. Set button to change frequency 4. Gain control 5. Microphone-Instrument selection switch 6. AA Battery 3.5mm MiniJack Input accepts a wide range of pickups, alternative microphones and other electronic gear Mic/Instrument switch sets gain structure for differing microphones and instruments Gain Control makes it possible to use any alternative miniature electret microphone using a 3.5mm Mini Jack plug Mic input provides a phantom power voltage for electret microphones Range of up to 100 metres Rear Belt Clip ensures beltpack will remain in place One AA battery gives up to 10 hours at full performance Low Battery Status indication relayed to receiver 3.5mm jack socket with heavy plated contacts for absolute reliability 

Various accessories are available to enhance the performance and adaptability of the system

Get Connected
MiniJack Leads to interface your Trantec Beltpack with external devices

MiniJack Plug to Neutrik female XLR 2 metres Code 574100 MiniJack Plug to Neutrik male XLR 2 metres Code 574110 MiniJack Plug to Neutrik Mono Jack plug 0.8 metre Code 594970 MiniJack Plug to Phono plug 2.5 metres Code 574030 MiniJack Plug to Stereo Jack socket 2 metres Code 594590 MiniJack Plug to MiniJack socket 3 metres Code 595170


What’s in the Box


Beltpack Transmitter
Operating Manual


Channel 38 Info
606.500-613.500 MHz
A Shared Licence allows wireless mics and IEM systems to be used in Channels 38. Contact the Joint Frequency Management Group (JFMG) on for info.
UK wide shared access to Channel 38 internally or externally is licensed on a non-protected basis for either one or two years.

Users can typically achieve 10 radio microphones in this range operating in the same place at the same time. However this can differ case by case. Access is not restricted to specific frequencies and users can re tune within the stated range to any usable frequency.

Trantec continue to lead the Radiomic industry with their innovation, consistent performance and build quality. Their products are literally second to none and with the company being UK based, their technical support is the benchmark of the Pro Audio Industry.




Beltpack Transmitter 
RF Carrier Power 10mW
Audio Frequency Response 50Hz – 15kHz
Audio Input Level -6dBV (maximum), mic gain 0dB
Battery Life Approximately 10 hours
Power Supply 1 AA size battery, 1.5V
Finish Resin, coating
Dimensions 62(W) x 100(H) x 25(D)mm
Weight 85g with battery