Trantec S2.4BX Lapel System 2.4GHz

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This System includes an S2.4BTX-G3 Beltpack Transmitter and an S2.4 RX1-G3 single channel receiver and a Lavalier Microphone.
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Trantec S2.4-BX Beltpack/Lapel System 2.4GHz

Trantec S2.4-BX Beltpack/Lapel System 2.4GHz

This System includes an S2.4BTX-G3 Beltpack Transmitter and an S2.4 RX1-G3 single channel receiver and a Lavalier Microphone.

Main Features

  • Licence Free Operation worldwide.
  • Transmitter easily locks to receiver.
  • 30 metres range.
  • 16 channels assures interference free space.
  • Bright LCD display.
  • Transmitter uses 2x AA batteries, easily obtainable.
  • A Digital Wireless Microphone System that is licence free. It uses the 2.4GHz Digital Audio Frequency Band, and provides 16 switchable channels.

Beltpack Transmitter

This Beltpack is a full facility transmitter designed to interface with both the S2.4-RX1-G3 and the S2.4 RX2-G3 It packs a lot of power with a 10mWatt RF output, the maximum allowable under current legislation.

  • Adjacent channel interference is drastically reduced by providing wide spacing between channels.
  • Up to 8 channels can be used simultaneously.
  • The digital display shows the Channel Number, Frequency and Battery status.
  • Input is via a 3.5mm Mini Jack socket which can be locked.
  • The gain is variable to accommodate the varying outputs of microphones or equipment likely to be attached.
  • A Mute Switch mutes the output.
  • Linking between Beltpack and Receiver is both Automatic via an Infra Red link.

Lapel Microphone

A miniature clip on Electret Lavalier Microphone with foam windshield.
The frequency response is tailored to vocal frequencies with a slight presence rise to maximise clarity.
Without the foam windshield the microphone is quite inconspicuous.
A natural sounding microphone with a long pedigree.
Supplied complete with a locking minijack plug ensuring the lead will not become accidently detached.

Receiver S2.4-RX1

A full facility receiver embracing a host of facilities.

  • The digital display provides Channel Number, Frequency of operation,  RF signal strength and audio level.
  • The channel number can be changed manually or automatically locked to the transmitter via an Infra Red link.
  • The menu can be displayed at the touch of a button.
  • Encased in a metal box to enhance the screening against interference.
  • Two receivers can be linked and mounted in a 19” rack.


The 2.4GHz band is full of electronic signals from remotes, door bells, self guiding lawn mowers to name but a few.
It is comforting to know that this system automatically filters out radio interference, and provides a clear and natural sound thanks to the comprehensive application of Digital Audio Processing Technology, whilst the smart .
ID code Identifying Synchronisation Technology makes installation much easier and reliable.



Beltpack Transmitter S2.4-BTX-G3


  • Carrier Power 10mW.
  • Modulation System GFSK.
  • Ultraharmonics <20dB Power.
  • Supply 2 x AA batteries Battery Life.
  • Approx 5 hours.


Receiver S2.4-RX1-G3

  • Carrier Frequency 2.404-2.474GHz.
  • Available Channels 16. With up to 8 channels active simultaneously.
  • Band Range 2MHz.
  • Dynamic Range 85dB.
  • Total Harmonic Distortion. <0.1%
  • Signal To Noise Ratio >95dB.
  • Receiving Sensitivity -80dBm.
  • Audio Output connectors XLR and Jack.
  • Power Supply DC17V.
  • Power Consumption 2W.