Trantec S2.4-HDX Handheld Transmitter 2.4GHz

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The S2.4-HDX is a handheld transmitter microphone with LCD display for the S2.4 single and dual channel receivers.
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Trantec S2.4-HDX Handheld Transmitter 2.4GHz

The S2.4-HDX-G3 is a Handheld Transmitter Microphone with LCD display. 


Main Features

  • Licence Free Operation worldwide.
  • Transmitter easily locks to receiver.
  • 30 metres range.
  • 16 channels assures interference free space.
  • Bright LCD display.
  • Transmitter uses 2x AA batteries, easily obtainable


Part of the widely acclaimed S2.4 Series Digital Wireless System. It interfaces with both the RX1-G3 single and RX2-G3 dual channel receivers.
It is a licence free Digital Wireless Microphone System based on the 2.4GHz Digital Audio Frequency Band, to provide 16 switchable channels of which up to 8 channels can be active simultaneously

The 10mWatt power output easily links with the receiver which can be up to 30 metres away. Audio quality is assured by the 16 bit, 38.4kHz format. It packs a lot of power with a 10mWatt RF output, the maximum allowable under current legislation.
Adjacent channel interference is drastically reduced by providing wide spacing between channels. Up to 8 channels can be used simultaneously.
Easy to set up with Automatic Infra Red or Manual linking to the receiver. The transmitter benefits from a cardioid microphone incorporating the renowned Trantec Dynamic capsule. It clearly picks up sounds from the front and rejects sounds from the sides and rear. The frequency response is tailored for vocal frequencies so is able to cut through the mix.

The digital display provides the following information
1. Frequency being used in the 2.4GHz spectrum
2. Channel number 1-16
3. Battery status

The 2.4GHz band is full of electronic signals from remotes, door bells, self guiding lawn mowers to name but a few. It is comforting to know that this system automatically filters out radio interference, and provides a clear and natural sound thanks to the comprehensive application of Digital Audio Processing Technology, whilst the smart .ID code Identifying Synchronisation Technology makes installation much easier and reliable.




  • Handheld Transmitter S2.4-HDX-G3.
  • RF Carrier Power 10mW.
  • Modulation Type GFSK.
  • Ultraharmonics <20dB.
  • Power Supply 2 x 1.5V AA batteries.
  • Battery Life Approx. 5 hours.
  • Audio format 16 bit, 38.4kHz.
  • Can transmit up to a distance of 30m.