TC Electronic BMC-2 Digital Convertor / Monitor Controller

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High-Definition Digital-To-Analog Converter and Monitor Controller with Calibrated Referencing and Jitter Reduction.
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TC Electronic BMC-2 Digital Convertor / Monitor Controller

BMC-2 is a dedicated digital-to-analog converter and high-quality 'hands-on' monitor control that's an ideal solution, no matter how your audio production or monitoring setup is based - be it digital or analog.




  • High-definition digital-to-analog converter and monitor controller gives you practical hands-on control and offers calibrated referencing and jitter-reduction technology
  • Self-contained desktop unit provides predictable, ultra-low-latency speaker and headphone control for your digital or analog setup so you can have instant and reliable command of sound levels whether you are using a computer or any other source
  • Calibrated listening for both speaker sets and your headphones plus user-definable reference levels give you reference-level monitoring across all your outputs at the push of a button
  • Precision re-clocking of all inputs and JET technology originally developed for the SYSTEM 6000 offers impressive high-performance jitter rejection
  • iCheck input integrity-checking on a selected input reveals whether your signal has been spatially compromised, such as from data-reduction artifacts
  • Easily switch between S/PDIF* or AES3, TOS*, and ADAT digital input sources and confirm whether your inputs are synchronous to the one selected
  • XLR and S/PDIF outputs to drive one set of analog and one set of digital speakers, plus a 1/4-inch jack for a pair of headphones
  • S/PDIF input also handles AES3 and AES3-id formats
  • Large level-control knob gives you straightforward control over speaker levels when reference listening is not active
  • Interfaces directly with all new Macs* and most audio-production PCs if desired