Studiospares Speaker Isolation Riser

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  • Isolates your speakers or amps from the floor and supporting surfaces
  • Cleaner, more precise, and accurate sound production
  • Eliminates resonance being transferred throughout surfaces, stages, and buildings
  • Perfect for PA speakers and guitar amplifiers
  • Rugged construction
  • Maximum loading weight of 135kg
  • Built-in carry handle
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Studiospares Speaker Isolation Riser

The Studiospares Speaker Isolation Riser has been specifically designed to isolate your speakers from the floor and supporting surfaces. Without decoupling a speaker or amplifier from the floor or surface it is resting on, it allows for vibrations created by the speaker to transfer to the surface, distorting and colouring the sound produced.


More Accurate & Precise Sound

Decoupling a speaker or amplifier from the resting surface will result in a cleaner, more precise, and accurate sound production, while eliminating the chance of any resonance from the speaker being transferred throughout the stage or building you have the speaker placed.


Perfect on Stage

A great example of the Studiospares Speaker Isolation Risers’ use would be on stage. Placing your bass or guitar amp on the Speaker Isolation Riser would stop any resonance travelling through the stage and causing noise or distraction for other elements on stage; whilst achieving a more accurate sound production, free of any resonance colouration.  


Rugged Construction

The Studiospares Speaker Isolation Riser feature a plywood construction which is then wrapped in sound dampening carpet and foam. The plywood construction means the it is incredibly durable and will easily withstand the rigours of travelling from venue to venue or studio to studio. Continuing, transportation of the Speaker Isolation Riser is made easy with the built-in carry handle. Additionally, the Speaker Isolation Riser allows for a maximum loading weight of 135kg.



  • Width: 570mm
  • Depth: 370mm
  • Height: 68mm