Studiospares SN5A Pair + Monitor Pads

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The kit includes a pair of SN5A Active Studio Monitor and Studiospares Monitor Isolation Pads.
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Studiospares SN5A Active Studio Monitor  + Monitor Pads

Designed for the Desktop Studio, these active nearfield monitors range look good, sound good and even feel good.

Getting a transparent mix can be difficult in a home studio, and getting an accurate mix often proves difficult. The Studiospares SN series delivers on all of the qualities demanded from professional studio monitors, at a fraction of the cost. The cabinet is made from 16mm MDF and finished with a black vinyl, for a professional finish and feel in your home. The woofer and tweeter are both recessed to create a flush finish, whilst the back of the cabinet includes an XLR and 6.3mm Jack for use with other professional devices. There is a volume control on each speaker that can help to balance the stereo field. The bass driver has a white mineral-filled polypropylene cone with a high temperature voice coil, and rubber surround. This allows the woofer to move large amounts of air to create high sound pressure levels with low distortion, for a more pleasing sound.

Solid build, solid sound. Good power reserve with a balanced and sweet frequency response. These are not being sold via a dealer network and are imported by the container load so pricing on this level of quality is very very competitive



  • 5” active monitor with 2-way bass 5” magnetically shielded woofer and 1” magnetically shielded neodymium soft dome tweeter.
  • Includes Bi-amp, 1/4 TRS and XLR input.
  • The frequency range is 65Hz - 20KHz. Dimensions 225 × 185 × 280 mm.


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"They present the midrange of vocals, electric guitars and strings remarkably accurately, which can be a struggle for many cheaper speakers..."

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