Studiospares SD101 Bass Drum Mic

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The SD101 is a great microphone for drummers and engineers alike. This microphone is great for live or recorded drum kits, but can also be used to capture other instruments.
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Studiospares SD101 Dynamic Microphone

The moving coil microphone remains king when it comes to recording high levels of sound. All dynamic microphone have their own `signature`.
The SD101 is no exception. The low frequency response just keeps going on and on down to sub sonic frequencies. The mid band has a clear peak at 3.5kHz which is the most sensitive part of our hearing. From 7kHz onwards the response is flat until 13kHz when the response is rounded off. This type of response certainly livens up percussive sounds giving a real zing to very high transients. Bass drums are really livened up. Great for recording guitar amplifiers and brass.
The body is die cast zinc not plastic so is able to provide effective screening against RF interference. The compact design allows more flexibility in microphone placement.
The output impedance is 600 ohms and is capable of overcoming any noisy mixer/amplifier inputs. Often living within a bass drum, the overload margin is very high with an SPL of 139dB.

The SD101 is a very interesting microphone and is guaranteed to take its place in any recording situation. It will find favourable comparison with any other bass drum Mic, bar none.



• Radio Frequency Rejection
• Tailored Frequency Response, an ideal microphone for drums, percussion and any transient sounds.
• Compact Design
• Cardiod Polar Pattern



When you open up the box to your Studiospares SD101 Microphone, you can expect to find the following item:

• SD101 Microphone


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More Information
Specifications Microphone Response :20Hz - 10kHz,
Microphone Maximum SPL : 144dB,
Microphone Powering : None Required,
On/off Switch : No,
Microphone Pad Switches : None,
Microphone Connector : XLR,
Microphone Capsule : Dynamic,
Physical Weight : 0.5kg
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