Studiospares S2000 Microphone Essentials Kit

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The Studiospares S2000 Microphone Essentials Kit features everything you'll need to get started recording your vocal sessions.
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Studiospares S2000 Condenser Microphone

The Studiospares S2000 is a high specification multi-pattern condenser mic. With 3 polar patterns, a -10dB pad switch and low-frequency roll-off switch, this allows you to be covered for whatever recording application you find yourself in whether it be in the studio or a live setting. 




The S2000 features a dual capsule design with back to back 35mm gold capsules that operate via a VPM (Voltage Phase Matrix). This microphone features 3 polar patterns cardioid, figure 8 and Omni.


This will provide you with unlimited versatility as whatever recording situation you find yourself in, the option of 3 polar patterns means you'll capture every harmonic detail with the best authenticity. 


The capsules inside the S2000 are pre-aged the ensure they retain their tight tolerances for the entire time you own the microphone not just for the first few weeks. Further more, these capsules are polarised by an elevated voltage which increases the output but keeps the noise to a minimum, as not in impure your recordings. 

Internally the S2000 is manufactured with a pair of JFET preamps. The junction field-effect transistor preamps offer high input impedance with super low noise figures. This allows you to capture sound sources with the lowest noise platform and a wide overload margin. Resulting in the S2000 being able to perform without any comprise in any situation find yourself in.


The Studiospares S2000 features a -10dB attenuator to deal with any signal that is a little too hot for the console, you have the option to lower the signal at the source. In addition, the S2000 has a low-frequency roll-off, great for you need to remove those low frequencies that aren’t part of what’s needed to be recorded, like mic stand rumble for example. 


Additionally, the S2000 comes complete with an included foam windshield to suppress any wind noise. Alongside an elastic suspension, the ultimate answer to mount the mic as it will isolate any floor noise such as mic stand bumps from the recording source.






Trojan Pro Mic Stand and Telescopic Boom

At last, a significant step forward in microphone stand design. Out are problematic base securing screws, boom arm screws and stand height adjusting twist locks.


In are Cam Clamps which are simpler and cannot fall off and be lost. To adjust the height simply pull the Silver tab out, set the stand to the desired height and push the tab back into position.


Boom arm length locks by the same principle. A Tommy Bar sets the angle and horizontal position of the boom arm. There are no screws to lose and no screw threads to wear out. All legs lock in unison as you click the last leg into position.



  • Stand height variable between 90cm - 155cm
  • Boom arm extends from 38cm - 73cm
  • Leg length 33cm



Nylon Mesh Pop Shield / Filter 150mm

The Nylon mesh pop filter is a high-quality pop shield designed to minimise and reduce any sibilance and pops you may encounter during vocal recordings sessions. The filter itself is constructed from a fine nylon mesh that aids in ensuring the most effective pop-reduction without altering or affecting the original sound. The filter features an extra-long 350mm gooseneck for quickly achieving the optimal position in front of a vast array of different microphone choices.


Key Features:
Nylon Microphone Pop Screen
Reduces Pops and Sibilance
Flexible Gooseneck
Studio Quality Build



XLR Male - XLR Female Lead 5m Black

A range of popular XLR Leads based on the Precision series connectors. These are no compromise leads built to a Professional standard, not a price. They are heavy duty and flexible being considered second to none.

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