Studiospares S2000 Essentials Studio Pack

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The Studiospares S2000 Essentials Studio Pack features everything you'll need to get your recording sessions started.
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Studiospares S2000 Condenser Microphone

The Studiospares S2000 is a high specification multi-pattern condenser mic. With 3 polar patterns, a -10dB pad switch and low-frequency roll-off switch, this allows you to be covered for whatever recording application you find yourself in whether it be in the studio or a live setting. 




The S2000 features a dual capsule design with back to back 35mm gold capsules that operate via a VPM (Voltage Phase Matrix). This microphone features 3 polar patterns cardioid, figure 8 and Omni.


This will provide you with unlimited versatility as whatever recording situation you find yourself in, the option of 3 polar patterns means you'll capture every harmonic detail with the best authenticity. 


The capsules inside the S2000 are pre-aged the ensure they retain their tight tolerances for the entire time you own the microphone not just for the first few weeks. Further more, these capsules are polarised by an elevated voltage which increases the output but keeps the noise to a minimum, as not in impure your recordings. 

Internally the S2000 is manufactured with a pair of JFET preamps. The junction field-effect transistor preamps offer high input impedance with super low noise figures. This allows you to capture sound sources with the lowest noise platform and a wide overload margin. Resulting in the S2000 being able to perform without any comprise in any situation find yourself in.


The Studiospares S2000 features a -10dB attenuator to deal with any signal that is a little too hot for the console, you have the option to lower the signal at the source. In addition, the S2000 has a low-frequency roll-off, great for you need to remove those low frequencies that aren’t part of what’s needed to be recorded, like mic stand rumble for example. 


Additionally, the S2000 comes complete with an included foam windshield to suppress any wind noise. Alongside an elastic suspension, the ultimate answer to mount the mic as it will isolate any floor noise such as mic stand bumps from the recording source.



Universal Acoustics Vocalist Production Pack Lite

The new Universal Acoustics Vocalist Production pack Lite is an essential set of production tools enabling the Singer, Musician, Recording Engineer or Producer to capture, record and mix high quality audio tracks in their home, project or commercial studio or on the fly in a mobile or new location.


Comprising the following Universal Acoustics professional recording components:


Vocal-Screen Lite

A simple but effective Microphone Reflection Filter that can be stand mounted (stand not included) or flush positioned on a desk top to capture and provide a cleaner and more focused recording by reducing reverberation and reflections generated within the vocalist or musician’s environment.

Compatible with a wide variety of microphones and ideal for recording Vocals, Speech, Voice-overs and Podcasts, the Vocal-Screen Lite is also particularly useful for close miking guitar amps, percussion, pianos and orchestral instruments and close capturing their pure tones and unique characteristics.


Vibro-Pad Lite Monitor Isolators – Set of 4 Pads

Made from specially formulated, high load bearing foam, which makes them harder and denser than competing products. Each set includes 4 pads with individual levelling adjuster providing a 5° or 10° slope to angle the speaker up, down or flat for optimum listening position. Whichever position Vibro-Pads Lite are utilised we guarantee that your monitors will provide a noticeable sonic improvement and your recordings will sound more accurate and defined once the vibration and resonance has been removed.


MW300-50 Mercury Wedge – pack of 12 Charcoal tiles

Universal Acoustics Mercury Wedges measure 300x300mm and are 50mm thick, they are easy to install on most surfaces using Space Mist adjustable nozzle spray adhesive either glued directly to the wall or ceiling or to conveniently sized panels which can be hung or suspended allowing for easy re-positioning in the room to adjust the acoustics or re-deployment in a different location.


Cut from high quality flame retardant polyester based foam to UL94 HFI specificatio with NRC ratings and Absorption characteristics performance based on 50mm thickness of 20 – 120% between 100Hz – 1kHz frequencies – NRC 86% average


Space Mist – single can

Is a fast drying & easy to use high strength adhesive which has good ageing characteristics. Especially developed for acoustic foam materials, and used with all our Solar System Room Kits, Space Mist is a high strength aerosol adhesive with the advantage of a variable spray width button. Formulated to provide the perfect solution for mounting acoustic foam materials to virtually any type of substrate/material in a professional or domestic environment.


Whats In The Box

  • 1 x Vocal Booth
  • 4 x Studio Monitor Isolation Pads
  • 12 x Charcoal Acoustic Treatment Tiles
  • 1 x Space Mist Adhesive



K&M 25400 Microphone Stand

Entry-level, low-priced microphone stand. The practical swivel joint allows the one-piece boom arm to be simultaneously positioned for tilt and length. Thanks to a low weight of only 1.85 kg, it is particularly suitable for the mobile musician.

The stand requires little space as its base diameter is only 660 mm. The large foot end caps help to make the stand stable and reduce unpleasant transmission noise.




Boom Arm: 1 Piece Design
Boom Arm Clamping: Locking Knob
Boom Arm Length: 680mm
Thread Size: 3/8" Thread
Physical Height: 890mm - 1600mm
Physical Weight: 1.85 kg
Material: Steel
EAN: 4016842809424
MPN: 25400-300-55



Nylon Mesh Pop Shield / Filter 150mm

The Nylon mesh pop filter is a high-quality pop shield designed to minimise and reduce any sibilance and pops you may encounter during vocal recordings sessions. The filter itself is constructed from a fine nylon mesh that aids in ensuring the most effective pop-reduction without altering or affecting the original sound. The filter features an extra-long 350mm gooseneck for quickly achieving the optimal position in front of a vast array of different microphone choices.


Key Features:
Nylon Microphone Pop Screen
Reduces Pops and Sibilance
Flexible Gooseneck
Studio Quality Build



XLR Male - XLR Female Lead 5m Black

A range of popular XLR Leads based on the Precision series connectors. These are no compromise leads built to a Professional standard, not a price. They are heavy duty and flexible being considered second to none.

More Information
Color Black
Specifications Microphone Response :20Hz - 20 kHz,
Microphone Maximum SPL : 125dB,
Microphone Impedance : ≤ 200 ohms,
Microphone Powering : 48v phantom power,
Microphone Connector : 3 pin XLR,
Microphone Signal-to-Noise : 76 dB,
Microphone sensitivity : -37dB +/- 2dB (0dB = 1V/Pa @1kHz)