Studiospares PM150 Personal Monitoring System

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The Studiospares PM150 is a personal monitoring system that offers clear and dynamic monitoring during performances - whether it be in a live or studio environment.
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Studiospares PM150 Personal Monitor

The Studiospares PM150 is a personal monitoring system that offers clear and dynamic monitoring during performances - whether it be in a live or studio environment. The PM150 has a vast range of applications such as a stage monitor solution for acoustic singer-songwriters, musicians, DJs, orchestras, comperes, conference speaking and presentations, to name a few examples.



The PM150 features 2 Combi XLR/Jack inputs for microphones, line-level and high impedance instruments - resulting in unlimited applications and making the PM150 perfect for providing personal monitoring in any situation.

Power and Response

The PM150 features 48v phantom power for the use of condenser microphones, allowing for an unlimited amount of applications and choice of microphone for whatever the application requires. A 5-inch woofer in the PM150 produces a frequency response from 80Hz to 14kHz and produces a considerable 125W RMS, providing you with a good amount of headroom so you can achieve the right amount of volume for whatever situation you find yourself.

Dialling in your sound

The PM150 features a versatile 3x band parametric EQ, perfect so you can dial in and tweak the ideal tone during your performance, without having to settle for a sound previously determined in a soundcheck situation. In addition, the PM150 has an adjustable echo/reverb perimeter, which is perfect for adding some character to the input sound instead of having a completely dry input.


The PM150 also has a stereo phono input for local playback of MP3 devices such as iPods, iPads or CD players - ideal, for example, in the application of backing tracks for solo performers in a live setting. 

Total Control

The PM150 features a balanced thru output that sends the signal directly to the desk. An excellent feature that takes you away from the traditional application that the monitoring sound is in the hands of the front of house or monitoring engineer.


The PM150 allows you to be in complete control of your monitor sound. A prime example of which being that the PM150 would be the ideal choice for travelling acoustic singer-songwriters. Essentially, you could arrive at any gig armed with the PM150 and your microphone and instrument choice. Set up into the PM150 and then use the thru output to send your desired monitor mix to the venue mixer and PA. then throughout the gig, mix yourself to how you want to be conveyed through the PA, allowing you ultimate control over the sound.


Mounting options

With the included stand accessories, the PM150 can be mounted onto the centre part of a compatible boom microphone stand or even onto a separate microphone stand, making the PM150 extremely versatile in any given situation.


*Please note the PM150 does not come with the short boom arm or stand.



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More Information
Specifications Speaker Power (Peak) : 150 Watts @ 6 Ohms,
Speaker Power (RMS) : 125 Watts @ 6 Ohms,
Speaker Response : 80Hz - 14kHz,
Speaker Format : 1-Way,
Speaker Mounting : Microphone Stand,
Speaker Woofer : 5" Driver,
Physical Height : 230mm,
Physical Weight : 2.8kg,
Physical width : 345mm,
Physical depth : 300mm,
Power Consumption : 180 Watts
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