Studiospares Jacketed 8-Pair Multicore Cable 100m Drum

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Studiospares Jacketed 8-Pair Multicore Cable (per metre) - Diameter 18 mm

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Studiospares Jacketed 8-Pair Multicore Cable 100m Drum


Studiospares Multicore Jacketed 8way Like practically all premium grade multicores, the screening is lapped copper, not foil. This enhances the screening characteristics which has become necessary due to the increase in RF transmissions and communications.

The lapped screening principle also provides greater flexibility and reliability since foil can break if the cable is repeatedly flexed in the same position. The conductors are based on a 0.14 sq mm of copper, the lapped screen on 32 strands of 0.12 mm diameter copper. Each pair is jacketed and clearly numbered. The cable is heavily sheathed overall by a specially formulated rubbery PVC with an average thickness of 2 mm.

The cable is packed with a cotton filler and cotton tape to enable the cable to retain its shape and resist becoming distorted when repeatedly wound and rewound. Manufactured to the ISO9002 standard.

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