Studiospares Forte BG205 Passive Speaker

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For background music installations announcements or a multichannel surround sound application...
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Studiospares Forte BG205 Passive Speaker

The Studiospares Forte BG205s are suitable for quality background music, installations, announcements or a multichannel surround sound applications.
They are impressive purpose built and solid speakers, not a TV speaker in a box. They include a matching mounting bracket and a safety anchor point with cable to ensure the speaker cannot fall and cause injury.



  • Includes a purpose made mounting bracket for various mounting options
  • Speakers lock to mounting bracket using a forward facing screw
  • 5 inch bass drivers includes a huge magnet which raises the efficiency and requires less power
  • The 0.75 inch soft domed tweeters contains a ferrofluid to cool things down when driven hard
  • Handles 30 watts RMS or 60 watts peak without distortion
  • HF drivers protected against being overdriven


These are really solid speakers with impressive sound quality and will outlast any competitive product




  • Speaker type: Passive (requires a separate speaker power amplifier)
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Power rating: 30W RMS (60W Peak)
  • Frequency range: 95Hz - 20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 88dB (ref 1watt @ 1m)
  • Max SPL: 106dB
  • Input Connector: Spring-loaded terminal
  • Dimensions: 226H x 152W x 130D (mm)
  • Weight: 3.2kg
  • Included Accessories: Integral Horizontal/Vertical Mounting Bracket Assembly and Safety Wire


    Sold as a pair 248600
    Sold singly 248601