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Studiospares StudioATK  Acoustic Treatment Kits

The Studiospares StudioATK range of acoustic treatment kits are an inexpensive solution to help reduce and eliminate resonance and reverberation within your room or studio. The goal is to provide a more controlled recording environment which in turn offers a more natural sound. The resulting neutrality will help you make better and quicker mix decisions that will translate seamlessly to your audience. 

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What is an untreated room?
In short, an untreated room is simply a space that has no acoustic treatment applied to it, making it highly susceptible to reverberations and frequency build-up. All these combined means that during recording or mixing, the sound that you will hear from your monitors will be coloured by the room’s reflections. 


It is inevitable that your recording will also be affected. For example, your microphone will be recording the room as well as your source signal (vocals, guitars, etc.). In an untreated space, somewhere between 30% - 45% of what you or your mic will be hearing and recording is the room reflections. So, no matter how good your gear is, your room could be the weak link in your set up and can potentially ruin your recordings. 


Why do I need to treat my room?
Treating a room acoustically enables you to make the best mix decisions and judgments while you are working. Acoustically treating your room will offer better audio integrity and sound definition, giving you a more accurate listening environment with the additional benefit of a less fatiguing experience. This will ultimately result in you making more sonically informed recording and mix decisions that will translate seamlessly to your audience. 


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How can I treat my room?
The Studiospares StudioATK range of acoustic treatment kits are here to help. The number one problem with most rooms is the walls. The walls are the biggest culprits for bouncing the sound in a million different directions which as mentioned earlier, can cause many issues.


Offered in a range of colours to suit any room (black, grey, beige, red, blue and purple), these acoustic panels will help to reduce the resonant nature of your reflective surfaces. Simply recording yourself clapping in your room with your smartphone before and after applying your acoustic panels will demonstrate the dramatic change in your room’s acoustic characteristics. Select the right Studiospares StudioATK kit based on your room size here.



How to control the bass in my room?

“Bass rumble” in a room can also be a significant problem, and this can be treated using bass traps. These are usually found in the corners of studios to reduce and absorb low frequencies and prevent your room from experiencing standing waves which can have a devasting effect on your production.


Low-frequency sound waves are inherently more powerful and unpredictable than high-frequency soundwaves, so it’s crucial to have a bass line of defence, so you are able to make good recording and mixing decisions. 


Bass traps are not included in any of the StudioATK kits but are offered as an additional option should you be experiencing the rumble! 



Soft acoustic furnishings!

A point of consideration when it comes to your room would be its contents. Of course, many rooms will have a head start with domestic acoustic treatment in the shape of a bed, curtains, sofas etc. So, bare this in mind when selecting your Studiospares StudioATK acoustic treatment kit, and if you are unsure about this or whether you may need bass traps, then feel free to talk to one of our team for more advice. 



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