PanelGrip 600 Acoustic Treatment Kit by Imperative Audio

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  • The PanelGrip 600 by Imperative Audio is a versatile, lightweight, portable acoustic panel kit.
  • Allows precise positioning of acoustic panels anywhere, enabling professional quality audio recording in any scenario or location.
  • Perfect for podcasting, vocals, voiceovers, radio, broadcast, and all audio professionals.
  • Designed to hold and support 1200 x 600 x 50mm acoustic panels and mounts directly onto a standard mic stand.
  • Creates a professional studio environment without structurally altering your space, ideal for rental spaces or temporary setups.
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PanelGrip 600 Acoustic Treatment Kit by Imperative Audio

The Imperative Audio PanelGrip 600 is the first and most versatile lightweight portable acoustic panel kit available. This means that you can precisely position your acoustic panels anywhere in your room. Perfect for vocals, voiceovers, radio, broadcast, podcasting, and all audio professionals.



The PanelGrip 600 is designed to hold and support 1200 x 600 x 50mm acoustic panels, mounting directly onto the included mic stand. This versatile kit includes one IA PanelGrip, one 1200 x 600 x 50mm Acoustic Panel, and one straight Mic Stand. It allows you to adjust your panels to the optimal height and position for your session, enabling you to create a close "dead" environment or a more reflective natural sound.


There is no argument that acoustic panels are aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, acoustically efficient. But they do need to be fixed to a wall, which is not always convenient. But with the IA PanelGrip, you can create a free-standing booth environment and then store them away when not in use. 

It also gives you the convenience of portability as the IA PanelGrips and panels and be easily transported. 

Record Professional Sounding Audio

Transform any space into a professionally treated studio environment, perfect for capturing high-quality audio for podcasts, voiceovers, and online meetings. With no need for permanent installations or wall modifications, the PanelGrip 600 is ideal for rented spaces or temporary setups. Experience superior sound quality and clarity, making your audio sound professional and polished.


Take what you need

The system is available as a kit or individually. 


Portable and Easy to Transport

Take your professional audio setup wherever you go. The lightweight PanelGrip 600 packs down easily, fitting in the boot of a car for hassle-free transportation. Move your setup from the studio to your home or even a public space effortlessly.


Mic Stand Mountable

The PanelGrip 600 features an adjustable aluminium strut that grips a 600mm panel with non-slip neoprene pads and spiked ears to prevent the panel from moving. The adjustable central loop and 5/8 inch cap are used to mount and secure the PanelGrip onto a standard straight microphone stand.

The PanelGrip 600 is also supplied with a support arm which is clipped onto the mic stand to support the lower part of your panel.


Why is Acoustic Treatment Important?

Reducing echoes, reflections, noise, and standing waves helps you achieve the best possible sound quality. Acoustic panels absorb and diffuse these unwanted sound characteristics, providing a more accurate environment for mixing and mastering. Proper acoustic treatment ensures clear audio, allowing for precise adjustments and a polished final product. Additionally, it reduces hearing fatigue, keeping you alert and focused during long recording sessions.


For more insights, visit our blog post about acoustic treatment.


Key Features:

  • PanelGrip 600 by Imperative Audio, perfect for vocals, voiceovers, radio, broadcast, podcasting and all audio professionals.  
  • You have the freedom to position your panels to create a close “dead” environment or reflective natural sound.
  • Securely holds and supports 1200 x 600 x 50mm acoustic panels.
  • Mount onto a standard straight microphone stand. 
  • Supplied with a support arm.

Main strut:   606mm

Attachment:   Standard screw on 5/8” adaptor

Weight:   2.2kg (4.8 lbs)