Stereo Mini Jack - Stereo Jack Lead 5m Moulded

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A range of Mini Jack leads to suit every requirement.
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Stereo Mini Jack - Stereo Jack Lead 5m Moulded

This range of moulded leads are truly of professional quality. The leads are heavy duty and not consumer Hi-Fi types and considered second to none.


Main benefits

1. Strong bond between cable and connectors
2. The huge strain relief greatly increases cable reliability at the point where the cable exits the connector. Cable diameter 5.6mm for added strength and reliability
3. Low self capacity Oxygen Free Cable (OFC) ensures high frequencies are not attenuated
4. Not susceptible to hums and interference from taxis, mobile phones and thyristor controlled lighting
5. Best possible screening by 64 strands of copper wire wound spirally round the signal conductor
6. Gold plated so will not tarnish to provide perfect contact every time
7. Retained cable wrap stops cables becoming tangled when stored. Can be slipped off if not required


Applications include

  • Interfacing portable and computer devices to studio and PA equipment
  • Equipment interconnection
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 and imported by the container load to sell at a highly competitive price.

Other different length leads:

688670 Mini Jack - Mini Jack 0.6 metres
688680 Mini Jack - Mini Jack 1 metre
688690 Mini Jack - Mini Jack 2.5 metres
688700 Mini Jack - Mini Jack 5 metres
688710 Mini Jack - 1/4” Jack 1 metre
688720 Mini Jack - 1/4” Jack 2 metres

Mini Jack to other connectors:

688740 Mini Jack - 2x XLR male 0.2 metres
688750 Mini Jack - 2x XLR male 3.0 meteres
688760 Mini Jack - 2x Phono plugs 1 metre
688770 Mini Jack - 2x Phono plugs 3 metres
688780 Mini Jack - 2x Mono Jacks 2 metres
688790 Mini Jack - 2x Mono Jacks 5 metres
689040 Mini Jack - 2x Mini Jack Sockets 0.2 metres
689050 Mini Jack - 2x Jack Sockets 0.2 metres

More Information
Length 5m
Specifications Cable Length : 5