Sommer Stagebox 24+8 Plug Mama

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Sommer cable Stagebox empty casing, PLUG MAMA MKII, 24 in / 8 out, width: 263 mm, height: 145 mm
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Extremely robust and space-saving stage box casing with a modern and well thought out panel design. Each box has cut outs for Universal XLR connectors (eg. NEUTRIK D-Series.) Output connectors are angled upwards on the upper rear panel. 

The lower rear panel has a xxmm hole for a cable gland plus a multipin connector which has a blanking cover plate if not used.( 8 +4 version only has a xx hole) By separating the inputs and outputs the risk of confusion on stage when under pressure is considerably reduced. The outputs are on the back, where they belong. 

This design was initiated by stage engineers who understood the real life problems and consequentially devised this layout. Panel numbering is based on life spent under subdued lighting and is very clear. The finish is scratch resistant due to double coated paintwork. 

Made in Germany. 3 Case sizes mm. Height, Width, Depth. 12+4 145H x 145W x308D Code 547-030 900-0106 16+8 145H x 263W x308D Code 547-150 900-0116 24+8 145H x 263W x308D Code 547-040 900-0126