Sommer Elephant Robust SPM440 4x4mm2 Speaker Cable

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Speaker Cable Elephant Robust SPM440; 4 x 4,00 mm ²; PVC ohm 11,00 mm; black
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Sommer Elephant Robust SPM440 4x4mm2 Speaker Cable (490-0051-440)

it is flexible, robust, tread-resistant, easy to reel, and always reusable, the jacket surface is now smoother and therefore easier to clean. Especially for the common speaker multipins (CA-COM 8-pole, NL8, LKS19, EP5). And have adapted the outer diameters so that they can be assembled with relatively little effort.


  • Loss-free transmission due to the special litz stranding technology
  • Highly flexible and stage-proof, easy to reel
  • Compatible with CA-COM 8-pin, NL8, LKS19, and EP5 connectors
  • Easy to use due to well-insulated, numbered wires


  • Professional PA systems