Sommer 200-0461 CICADA 4core Patch+Microcable black

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Patch & Microphone Cable SC-CICADA 4; 4 x 0,14 mm2; PUR Master-Blend ohms 3,40 mm; black

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Is called SC-CICADA 4 with an outside diameter of merely 3.4mm (0.13 in.). Technically this cable is based on the very successful SC-CICADA SO-D14 variant, but instead of two, it has now four wires arranged in a star shape, yet remains just as flexible and top-performing. In crossover wiring, this version delivers extremely good electrical values, especially when compared to traditional microphone cables



  • Super flexible due to fine CU litz construction
  • Easy to handle owing to the extra drain wire (0.22 mm²)
  • Tight spiral screen with 95 % coverage for excellent shielding
  • Durable and notch-resistant due to the sturdy PUR jacket



  • Interior wiring of mixing consoles, racks, and other audio components
  • For connecting mini XLRs, mini jacks, fully assigned MIDI and DIN cables
  • Flexible cable for clip-on microphones, earphones, speaker units, etc.
  • Assembly of adapter cable
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