Sommer 200-0102 SC Source II Balanced Mic Cable Blue

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Microphone Cable SC-Source MKII; 2 x 0,25 mm2; PVC ohms 6,50 mm; blue
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Sommer SC Source II Balanced Mic Cable Blue (Part number: 200-0102)

SOMMER SOURCE MICROPHONE CABLE The Source microphone cable was originally designed for the manufacturers of professional studio microphones like Schoeps. This cable is 100% shielded through the use of a dense copper spiral shield and a robust AL/PT-foil braided round the conductors. The foil specially developed by Sommer is vapourised with polyester on one side and coated with with a conductive aluminium layer on the other side. This guarantees the endurance of the 100% shielding, despite tough conditions and high bending cycles.


The foil is almost impossible to tear under normal conditions. It is easily cut and stripped. Oxygen free copper conductors. This cable is also suitable for long MIDI cables. 6.5mm overall diameter. Sold by the metre. Available in three colours.


  • Neutral and loss-free audio transmission due to special copper strand design
  • 100 % shielding due to dense helical copper mesh screen plus extra AL fleece/AL foil
  • Professional technology at a budget price
  • Available in a notch- and cold-resistant PUR version



  • Professional studio and microphone technology
  • Outdoor transmission/OB van
  • Permanent stage application



Name SC-Source MKII
Properties OFC oxygen free copper
Properties Analog
Application area Studio / Broadcast
Application area Mobile outdoor / indoor
Application area ELA 100 V
Application area Stage / live
Application area Installation
Application Microphone Cable
Colour blue
Colour detailed blue
Signal transmission symmetrical
Construction (2LI2Y0,25mm²)(ST)DY
Jacket material PVC
Jacket Ø [mm] 6,50
Number of Channels (audio) 1
Inner conductor (audio) 2
Inner conductor (audio) [mm²] 0,25
Inner conductor Ø (audio) [mm] 0,56
AWG (audio) 23
Shielding copper spiral sleeve tin-plated 95 % + AL-fleece
Copper strands (audio) 128
Copper strand Ø (audio) [mm] 0,05
Conductor insulation material PE
Conductor insulation Ø [mm] 1,55
Weight per 1 m [g] 48
Fire load per m [kWh] 0,21
Style variant round
Shielding factor [%] 100
Packing 100 m spool
Packing 500 m spool
Temperature min. [°C] -25
Temperature max. [°C] 70
Width [mm] 6,5
Height [mm] 6,5
Capac. cond./cond. per 1 m (audio) [pF] 60
Capacity wire/wire at 1 ft. (audio) [pF] 18,288
Capac. cond./shield. per 1 m (audio) [pF] 110
Capacity wire/electic screen at 1 ft. (audio) [pF] 33,528
Insulation resist. per 1 km [GΩ] 0,2
Insulation resist. per 1000 feet [GΩ] 0,061
Insulation resist. per 1 km (audio) [GΩ] 0,2
Insulation resist. per 1000 feet (audio) [GΩ] 0,061
Conductor resistance per 1 km [Ω] 78
Conductor resistance per 1000 ft. [Ω] 23,7744
Shield. resistance per 1 km [Ω] 25
Shield. resistance per 1000 ft. [Ω] 7,62
EAN 4049371003407
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