Shure SM58 + 10m XLR Lead

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The Shure SM58 vocal microphone has provided musicians and engineers with quality vocal performances for over 50 years. Now considered an industry standard, the SM58 vocal microphone is great for male and female vocals.
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Shure SM58 Vocal Microphone, with 10 metre XLR

The Shure SM58 has become an industry standard after 50 years of production and huge popularity with engineers and musicians alike. The rugged build quality, attractive design and versatility amongst all vocal performers and other instruments too, makes this microphone the ideal solution for all your needs. Designed with a pneumatic shock-mount, the SM58 is resilient to handling noise to offer you a clear vocal performance.

While the SM58 has become iconic for the vocal performances, we encourage you to try this with other instruments too for interesting and believable results. The wide frequency response and maximum sound pressure level mean this could be used with other instruments that are typically louder or brighter than the human voice.



Key Features

  • Pneumatic Shock Mount, resilient to handling noise for uninterrupted performances.
  • 50Hz - 15kHz Frequency Response, to cover all human voices and headroom for other instruments.
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern, the SM58 is mostly sensitive at the front of the microphone and reliably rejects sounds on stage.
  • Built-in wind and pop filter, to reduce plosives that could otherwise spoil a performance.


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More Information
Specifications Microphone Response :50Hz-15 kHz,
Microphone Maximum SPL : 180dB,
Microphone Impedance : 150 ohms (300 ohms actual),
Microphone Pad Switches : No,
Microphone Diameter : 51mm,
Microphone Connector : 3-Pin Male XLR,
Microphone sensitivity : -54.5dBV/Pa / 1.88mV/Pa,
162mm(6-3/8in.) L x 51mm (2in.),
Physical Weight : 298 g