Sennheiser e600 Drum Mic Pack

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7 microphones with aluminium case for effectively miking an entire drum kit
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Sennheiser e600 Drum Mic Pack

This 7-piece kit offers everything you need to professionally mic a full drumkit. Ideal for studio and live applications, it features four e604 tom/snare mics, 2 e614s for overheads/ hats, and one e602-II kick drum mic. The combination means you have a comprehensive drum miking solution with mounts or clips for every mic - and the aluminium carry case keeps it all in one place and easily transported.

The e604 is Sennheiser's classic snare and tom-tom dynamic mic, with minimal distortion and handling noise but clean, forceful sound, lightly emphasised in the upper mids and highs but open and clear in the lows.

The e614 is a condenser mic with excellent directivity across all of 40-20,000 Hz and extraordinary dynamics that capture everything and give space and depth to it all. High flexibility means you could transfer it to a wide range of other applications too.

The e602-II is a dynamic mic specially designed for kick drums, tracking them on low frequencies down to 20Hz with fast transient response and precise bass reproduction for punchy, pulsating audio.