RAT Jazz Stand Black With Tray

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From flat pack to standing in three moves. No knobs, no finger traps, no hassle.
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RAT Jazz Stand Black With Tray

This music stand is easy to set up in three steps and is adjustable. There are no knobs, no finger traps and no hassle involved in set up whatsoever. Unfolded, the revolutionary Jazz stand is a professional quality music stand with a full range of height adjustment, industry standard stability, and a full size music tray with pencil shelf. And yet, as a result of its unique and patented design, it folds in three moves to a flat pack no larger than the size of the tray, and under 5cm thick. Aluminium alloy legs and stem, and polymer tray make the Jazz stand light in weight yet extremely sturdy. The height of the Jazz stand is adjusted by lightly raising or lowering the stand to the desired height whilst applying a small amount of pressure on the base of the stand. Its patented friction joints ensure that it stays at the right height. The tray is flexible and stays at whatever angle you put it at. Once folded, you can pop it in your gig bag, stack it on a pile of other Jazz stands, or put it in a custom made flight case.


  • Easy to set up and pack down
  • Adjustable height
  • Full size flexible music tray with pencil shelf
  • Lightweight and packed down into flat pack making it easily portable
  • Tough rubber feet to protect floor surface 
  • The injection moulded tray is virtually unbreakable; if bent, it springs back. The tray is made of a polymer which does not “ring” when knocked. It has smoothly rounded edges all over – safe to handle and kind to your instruments.


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