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Trojan Black MKII 4U+2U ABS Wheeled Rack Case
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Trojan Black MKII 4U+2U ABS Wheeled Rack Case

Product Code: 458660

Following the success of the Trojan ABS MKI Cases we now introduce an updated version with three revisions...

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Studiospares Trojan MKII 4U + 2U ABS Wheeled Rack Case

Following the success of the Trojan ABS MKI Cases we now introduce an updated version with three revisions.

1. For increased strength the case thickness is increased from 2.5mm to 3mm.
2. Drawbolt tension is more consistent with the inclusion of tension springs.
3. Discolouration of the aluminium extrusions corners is solved by plating the aluminium AFTER it is bent through 90 degrees.


ABS Wheeled cases include:

  • Telescopic handle.
  • Decent low friction wheels designed to roll around with ease.
  • Rackstrip BOTH ENDS.
  • Bracing is moulded into the body and lids to provide added rigidity.
  • A gasket is sunk into the edge of the lid. This is compressed by a lip on the body to form a tight seal against dirt and liquids.
  • Drawbolt locks are fitted to make the lid shut tight.
  • Cases may be stacked without sliding off.
  • Corners are strengthened by metal plates to form the anchoring point for the equipment.
  • The equipment mounting strip is threaded (M5) so it is impossible to lose caged nuts.
  • Case length is 550mm which is slightly longer than most. Plugs can therefore remain permanently connected during transit.
  • The distance between rackstrips is 480mm.

4U+2U ABS Wheeled Rack Case weight 9.8kg

We purchase by the container load and sell directly to the end user so our prices will always be lower than competitors. Purchasing direct from Studiospares cuts one step out of the distribution chain, where each step increases the price.


  • Height - 315mm
  • Width - 495mm
  • Depth - 630mm
Customer Reviews
  • Verified Customer
    on 17 September 2013
    I purchased this case to house my outboard, and given the puny weight decided that a cheeper case would be fine. The case its self is well built for the money and the wheels seem up to the job. An added plus, that wasn't contained in the writeup, is that the case comes with shaped blanking plates for the lower 1U of rack where the wheels sit. The poor review comes from the fact that on its first outing the "tow" handle sheered off at the base and left a nasty dint in one of my compressors. The handle its self is very flimsy and wouldn't withstand the weight of something that made the wheels essential, such as an amplifier, even if the mounts held. I therefore wouldn't recommend any of the wheeled versions of these cases; as the wheels can't be used. Save the money and get the standard case, which will perform as expected for the price tag, and spend the money saved on a sack trolly.