Pro Neutrik Balanced / Stereo Jack Lead All Colours (60cm - 15m)

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  • Balanced Stereo Jack leads for headphones, studio monitors, mixing consoles, and more.
  • Our cables are meticulously crafted to eliminate noise and latency, ensuring crystal-clear sound transmission.
  • With three contact points, these jacks reduce interference for cleaner audio, perfect for professional setups.
  • Built with Mogami Superflexible Light Weight Cable and Neutrik NP3 Jack connectors, our cables offer unparalleled reliability.
  • High-quality cables are essential for minimising noise and ensuring superior audio quality in your studio.
  • Each cable is hand-assembled by our team in the UK to ISO 9001 standards.
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Pro Neutrik Balanced / Stereo Jack Lead (60cm - 15m)


Our cables aren't just leads for connecting your equipment; they're the lifeline of your studio, engineered with precision and care to eliminate noise and latency, ensuring your sound remains crystal clear. Studiospares Pro Neutrik Balanced / Stereo Jack Leads are high quality, highly reliable and custom made to your needs whether you are a musician, content creator, audio engineer, producer or anyone that cares about their audio. 

Balanced Stereo Jacks can be used to connect monitoring headphones to a device you want to listen to the audio signal on, to connect studio monitors to audio interfaces, to connect audio equipment to mixing consoles and even to connect microphones with an XLR on the other end. 


What is a Balanced Stereo Jack Lead? 

A balanced stereo jack, or TRS jack, has three contact points: tip (left signal), ring (right signal), and sleeve (ground). It's called "balanced" because it uses two conductors for the audio signal and one for ground, reducing noise and interference. It's commonly found in professional audio equipment and provides cleaner audio transmission, especially over long cable runs. 


Why are high-quality cables important? 

High-quality cables are essential for achieving high-quality audio in any professional studio setup, as they minimise latency and noise in the signal path from your input to your output. They can sometimes be all you need to ensure your studio gear sounds better as badly made cables can often come with issues like noise, hum, signal drop-off, unexpected changes in tone and more.  


Studiospares Pro Neutrik Range 

Studios Pro Neutrik cables are made fromMogami Superflexible Light Weight Cable with Advanced noise rejection thanks to Mogami's unique Spiral Copper Shield.

Combined with Neutrik NP3 Jack connectors with a robust reputation, Studiospares Pro Neutrik cables offer unparalleled reliability across a wide range of studio applications, no matter what you are connecting be it monitors, microphones, or audio interfaces. 


Cables You Can Trust 

At Studiospares we take cable quality seriously. Our Pro Neutrik cables are built to ISO9001 standards, ensuring durability and reliability for years to come. Custom-made to fit your setup perfectly, our expert team meticulously craft these professional-quality cables by hand at our Luton, UK HQ.


ISO 9001 Rated 

ISO9001 is an internationally recognised standard for quality management. It aids organisations across various sectors in improving performance, meeting customer needs, and demonstrating dedication to quality. Its guidelines outline the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and ongoing improvement of a quality management system (QMS). Implementing ISO 9001 means your organisation has put in place effective processes and trained staff to deliver flawless products or services time after time. 

Do note that this product is for low-impedance line signals and as such is not meant as a guitar cable. Please check our professional guitar leads and patch cables for that application.


Key features

  • Engineered to eliminate noise and latency.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Ideal for connecting monitoring headphones, studio monitors, audio equipment, and microphones.
  • Balanced stereo jacks feature three contact points for left, right, and ground signals, reducing interference for cleaner audio.
  • High-quality cables minimise latency, noise, and signal issues.
  • Advanced noise rejection thanks to Mogami's unique Spiral Copper Shield..
  • Each cable is hand-assembled by our team in the UK to ISO 9001 standards.
  • Connectors: Neutrik NP3X
  • Mogami Superflexible Light Weight Cable
  • Cable Plug 1: StereoJack
  • Cable Plug 2: StereoJack
  • FRNC flame retardant
  • Cable diameter: 6.5mm
  • Inner conductor: 0.34 sq mm
  • Inner conductor diameter: 0.66mm
  • Screening: Lapped Oxygen Free Copper screening and a graphite semiconductor screen
  • Screen: 19 strands of 0.15mm copper
  • Screening coverage: 95%
  • Capacity: 115 pF/m
  • Conductor resistance: 55Ω/km