Pro Dual Phono Lead 10m

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Most Phono Leads are of domestic quality and merely look good...
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Pro Dual Phono Lead 10m

A professionally made lead with a performance and build quality second to none.


The Precision Phono Plugs consist of nickel plated die cast zinc shells with a six part sprung collar to provide a firm grip and a reliable connection.
The male contact is solid not hollow. The cable clamp surrounds the cable providing positive tension. The boot reduces cable bending stresses and keeps moisture and dirt at bay.  
The cable is Sommer Onyx 2025 featuring a spirally wound copper screen to keep RFI, taxis and mobile phone interference at bay.
Manufactured at our London HQ


Precision Phono Plugs colour coded Red and Black (Left and right)
Cable. Sommer Onyx 2025 length 10 metres   

Other lengths available
594030 0.6 metres
594040 2 metres
594050 2.5 metres
594060 5 metres

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