NTi Audio Minirator MR-PRO

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The MR-PRO is an extremely powerful analogue audio generator...
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NTi Audio Minirator (Part number: MR-PRO)

The MR-PRO is an extremely powerful analogue audio generator to satisfy every need for the professional engineer. Proprietary user wave forms may be loaded via USB into the internal flash memory. Innovative and unique technology includes continuous monitoring of the impedance of the connected load, the signal balance and the phantom power. Plus the integrated cable testing promotes MR-PRO to the level of a cable analyser, simplifying trouble shooting tasks. MR-PRO includes all functions of the Minirator MR2. The facilities are too numerous to provide comprehensive information. Sine Waveforms, freely selectable frequencies, up to +18 dBu. Sweep Signals, any frequency interval up to 1/12 octave. White Noise, Pink Noise. Polarity Test Signal. Delay Test Signal. Wave Files. Cable Tester. Impedance and Power test. Full information available at www.nti-audio.com