Vocaster and Scarlett How-to Content and Vocaster Hub Update

Vocaster and Scarlett How-to Content and Vocaster Hub Update
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Vocaster and Scarlett How-to Content and Vocaster Hub Update

The Overview, Features, and Specs Series

Looking to learn more about Focusrite Scarlett and Vocaster interfaces? This new video series provides an in-depth overview of the features and specs of each interface, making it easy to choose the right one for your needs. With valuable information packed into each video, you'll be able to make an informed decision when selecting your next audio interface.

Focusrite are committed to providing you with the best possible audio equipment. The Scarlett and Vocaster interfaces offer top-of-the-line features and exceptional sound quality, making them a must-have for audio professionals.

Vocaster Hub Update: Enhance Edit

Focusrite has always greatly valued customer feedback to improve our products. In response to your suggestions, they are very excited to announce an update to our popular Vocaster interface.

With this update, they've upgraded the Enhance feature to give you even greater control over your recordings. Now, with an edit button located in the Vocaster Hub, you can customize the Compression, EQ, and Rumble Reduction for each of the four presets. This means you can easily tailor your settings to your own voice, or those of your guests, to achieve broadcast-quality content with ease.


Vocaster Hub v1.3 is Available Now

Exciting news for all podcasters! Focusrite has just released the latest update to their Vocaster Hub software, and it's packed with new features to improve your podcasting, streaming, or vlogging experience. The new Auto Gain support makes it easier than ever to optimize your audio settings, with options to select Default, Stream, or Camera in the settings. The Auto Gain target level and Enhance settings will automatically adjust to your selection, ensuring optimal performance every time.

But that's not all, Vocaster Hub v1.3 also introduces a brand-new dark theme in the theme selector, so you can customize the appearance of the interface to suit your preferences. You can even set the theme to "system" and let it match your OS's dark mode setting. This feature is particularly useful if your operating system automatically switches to dark mode at sunset or sunrise.

Plus, with the upgraded mute function for Host and Guest, switching between headphones and speakers has never been easier. You can now save yourself the hassle of adjusting volumes between the two, ensuring that your preferred level is always preserved, and everything is left plugged in. No more endless adjustments during recording or editing breaks!