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Talk|Back Live Webinar – Tuesday 6th July 2021

‘How to achieve a large console sound and workflow with your audio interface’ - with special guest Bryn Wildish, Audient


In this month’s Talk|Back Live Webinar on Tuesday 6th July 2021 at 7pm, we are joined by Bryn Wildish of Audient who will be talking about ‘How to achieve a large console sound and workflow with your audio interface’. Bryn will be offering attendees hints and tips on how to get the most out of your Audio Interface.


Audient have been manufacturing large-format consoles for over 25 years, the delivery of audio excellence and user experience being the main ethos of their business. With a wealth of experience and an attitude tailored to achieving the best possible results from an audio interface, you can trust that Audient know how to achieve a studio-grade sound.


Bryn, will be covering several common and important questions and talking us through:


  • Talkback assignment functionality 
  • Achieving an analogue sound 
  • Low latency monitoring 
  • Expandability

  • Mic Preamps


You will have the opportunity to put your questions to Bryn during the Q&A section of the Webinar.


Register for FREE now and be in with the chance to WIN in our special giveaway. We’ll also have a special offer for every attendee on the night.


Please note that there are limited spaces, so Register Free now and we’ll see you there 


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