PLASA create #wemakeevents - Red Alert Day of Action

PLASA create #wemakeevents - Red Alert Day of Action
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PLASA create #wemakeevents - Red Alert Day of Action

With the current state of affairs, the way they are due to COVID-19 there is now a massive concern for the future of the UK live music industry, especially for the venues and the huge lifeforce of freelance staging, lighting and audio experts that make the events happen.


Being the first to be shut down and the last to reopen the UK’s live events and entertainment sector is in critical condition. The immediate termination of Summer season events has affected over 600,000 plus jobs in the industry. With a reported 10% of businesses serving redundancy notices in July and further 15% in August according to a survey last week, this predicts a grave end of year projection that 70% of industry businesses will have made redundancies. Looking into next year, with live events possibly not making a return until March 2021 due to unviable social distancing guidelines and long-term logistical planning required, it’s painfully apparent the degree of trouble the live sector is in.


With current government support packages being slowly tapered and terminated in 3 months’ time for employees and the self-employed, this will result in up to one million live industry professionals with no financial security and work prospects for several more months at least. Combined with the complete lack of work in the sector, this will result in 72% of freelancers having to seek employment in other areas and industries.



In the wake of this PLASA have created a campaign called #wemakeevents to draw the Government’s attention to the fact there won’t be a likely return to live shows soon. And that most of the staff associated with the live sector are not supported by the furlough/SEISS schemes.


PLASA is launching a day of action tomorrow for the #wemakeevents across many regions of the UK with major outdoor events. These will be announced via various Facebook pages PLASA has set up and can be found here. PLASA’s goal behind the #wemakeevents is to “raise awareness of the UK’s 1,000,000 highly skilled industry professionals, all of whom have had no work for the past four months with little likelihood of restarting until Spring 2021.


We are calling for meaningful support from the Government until the industry is allowed to operate in a way that is not limited by social distancing policies, including:

  1. Grants – not loans – made available to businesses in the events supply chain
  2. Furlough scheme extended until the industry is back to work
  3. Extension of the self-employment scheme, tailored towards the industry.


To find out more on PLASA #wemakeevents campaign tomorrow, click here for all the information, behind the campaign and where to get involved.

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