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Novation Sound Collective – Latest
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In the latest instalment of Novation’s Sound Connective community giveaway, members can download for FREE GForce’s impressive emulation of the original mini for both Mac and PC Minimonsta.

MinimonstaThe offer is running from the 3rd of June to the 5th of August (4pm GMT) where members can download for usually retailing for £99.99 Minimonsta for FREE and also receive a 25% discount code for GForce’s newly released OB-E, a unique take on the legendary 8-voice, offering you complete per-voice control. And if that wasn’t enough, members can also receive a 50% discount code to redeem against any of GForce software's individual instruments.


What’s on offer:

  • FREE - Minimonsta
  • 25% off - OB-E
  • 50% off - any of GForce software's individual instruments



Modelled on the Mini, Minimonsta delivers all of the iconic analogue sound that you would expect but with a little added juice as GForce describe the Minimonsta virtual instrument is "a Mini emulation on steroids."

Minimonsta is a beast, firstly you have the Mini emulation with all the bells and whistles of the original synth that includes accurate waveforms, resonant filter, and ADS envelope generators. But you also get a loop-feedback function and over 6000 factory patches (including many from Rick Wakeman). With the Minimonsta you can also dynamically morph between 12 patches within a Meta-Patch thanks to the unique Melohman octave, giving you additional performance and dynamic control possibilities. Plus extra LFOs, ADSRs, a hugely versatile dynamic MIDI control, and the Melohman octave makes Minimonsta so much more than a Mini clone.


Here’s what Sound Collective Product Manager Jonathan Campbell had to say on the Minimonsta: “This month we bring you an offer from our good friends at Gforce: the extremely versatile and powerful soft synth, Minimonsta. The Minimonsta almost needs no introduction. This emulation of the Mini is one of the most faithful recreations of the famous mono synth. In terms of controls, it's pretty much one to one (with the original), and it comes with 6000 patches. For me this is its most powerful aspect: there's an endless supply of inspirational sounds to go with any - and all - of your productions.”


Novation has just announced that members of the Sound Collective can get their hands on three classic Roland synths in a powerful plug-in for Mac, PC and Linux for FREE (£35 normal retail price) from March 4th to May 6th and comes with a 50% discount code to redeem against any other RetroMod instrument in the Tracktion Software store.


Being built on their proprietary Acktion engine, Tracktion Software’s RetroMod series of sample-based plug-in synths aims to capture the soul of the classic hardware while adding something new and drawing on a board array of instruments by the likes of Moog, Clavia, Korg, Sequential Circuits, Kawai, Novation, Yamaha, Waldorf and many others.


RetroMod 106 is comprised of multisampled renditions of the Roland Alpha Juno, Juno-60 and Juno-106, and gets you up and running with a 291-strong categorised library of mix-ready preset basses, leads, pads, keys, sequences, brass and more. Although it is a complete sound in its own right, each preset also serves as a starting point for your own sound design endeavours, as the main control panel provides you access to a bank of transformative parameters, including oscillator Ring Mod and FM, filter Cutoff and Resonance, Unison detune and portamento. RetroMod's combination of thoughtfully crafted presets, intuitive controls and spectacular effects will have any producer cooking up their own polished, impactful synth sounds in a mere matter of seconds, regardless of their experience level. Plus, with 15,000 samples under the hood, the rich detail and character of the three legendary instruments it represents will shine through.


Alongside RetroMod 106, Sound Collective members can also grab a 50% discount code from their Novation account, with which to buy any other RetroMod instrument of their choice in the Tracktion online store.


This month members of Novation’s Sound Collective can download an enormous library of sounds and patches for ZamplerSounds' for FREE (normally retailing for €99.99). Zampler RX Creative Bundle is free to download for Sound Collective members from December 10, 2020 to February 2, 2021.


Coming in at a whopping 11GB, Zampler RX Creative Bundle comprises eight sound banks from the Zampler catalogue, as well as the Zampler RX VST/AU plug-in instrument itself. Being built from the same technology as Synapse Audio's legendary Dune 3 synth, Zampler RX is a total powerhouse of sample playback manipulation and processing, the sample oscillators at its core ably supported by a multimode filter and six onboard effects, with modulation provided by three LFOs, three ADSR envelopes and an arpeggiator/sequencer.


Zampler RX Creative Bundle is crammed with over 550 mix-ready multi-sample patches ready for you to get stuck into, this includes strings, drones, drums, leads, basses and much more. An arsenal of hardware and software synths and drum machines were pressed into service for their creation, including Novation's Peak, Bass Station II and DrumStation.


Here's a summary:

  • Dark Orchestra: 66 dramatic, cinematic orchestral patches for electronic music and media production.
  • Ethnic Symphony: 64 pads and other synth sounds for chill and house.
  • Game of Drones: 50 textures and atmospheres for electronic music production.
  • Peaktime: High-impact basses and leads from Novation's fabulous Peak synth.
  • The Analogon: 88 analogue synth basses, riffs and arpeggios for synthwave, trance and minimal house.
  • Ultimate Drums: 77 vintage and classic drum machine kits, including the Novation DrumStation and Akai MPC2500.
  • Ultimate Synths: 64 synth patches of all kinds, captured from an array of classic virtual synths including Synapse Audio Dune, Xfer Records Serum, LennarDigital Sylenth1 and u-he DIVA.
  • Yin & Yang: 41 bass patches and 40 bass/lead loops courtesy of the Novation Bass Station 11.


Zampler RX Creative Bundle is an incredible and expansive repository of sounds and putting it into use within your DAW couldn’t be easier thanks to Zampler RX's slick, intuitive interface, authentically 'analogue' filter and high-quality effects.


Novation has now announced that members of the Sound Collective can download Audio Damage Dubstation 2 bucket-brigade delay plug-in for free, plus members can claim a 35% discount on any instrument or effect plug-in in the Audio Damage store from October 8th to December 10th 2020.


Sound Collective October November 2020

Audio Damage’s Dubstation 2 models a vintage bucket brigade delay unit, centring on two independent delay lines, each with its own time setting and optional ping-pong mode for those complex, cross fed stereo echoes. Dubstation 2 features an LFO that modulates the delay time, extending the plug-in’s remit into chorusing and classic analogue-style pitch modulation. Additionally, Dubstation 2 features reverse and loop functions that allow you to flip and perpetually cycle the delay buffer.


Audio Damage’s characteristic warm distortion for which BBD devices are known and loved is brought to bear by the Input Drive and Saturation knobs, and high- and low-cut filters are also onboard for broad-strokes frequency-shaping and live manipulation of the feedback circuit. Dubstation 2 is a powerhouse dual delay for production, sound design and live performance, with a rich old-school sound and endless expressive potential.


Key Features

  • Accurate bucket brigade delay emulation
  • Single mono or independent dual stereo delay lines with feedback circuit
  • Up to 2000ms delay time, synced or unsynced
  • Ping-Pong mode for cross-feedback effects
  • LFO delay time modulation for chorus, pitching effects and more
  • Input Drive and Saturation controls for distortion
  • High Cut and Low-Cut filters
  • Reverse and Loop functions
  • Stereo Width and dry/wet Mix controls


During the same period, Sound Collective members can take advantage of a 35% discount on any plug-in instrument or effect in the Audio Damage store, including the Continua and Quanta synths, Enso looper, Discord 4 pitch-shifter, QuatroMod modulation effect and many more.


Novation has now announced that members of the Sound Collective can download Krotos Audio’s Simple Concept plug-in synth for free, plus members can claim a 50% discount on the full Concept from 6th August to 8th October 2020.


Krotos Audio Simple Concept

Powered by the award-winning Concept synthesis engine, Simple Concept centres on a vast library of over 80 presets, each one enabling access to specific elements of its complex under-the-hood architecture via three macro controls. One preset might feature macros for controlling ‘Chorus’, ‘Shape’ and ‘Octave’, while another offers adjustment of ’Tone’, ‘Filter’ and ‘Space’. Specific presets enable the amplitude or pitch of any external sound source to be used as an envelope-following modulation source, and an ADSR envelope allows for amplitude shaping.


Finally, the ’Tweak It’ system randomises pre-selected parameters at the click of a button for the instant creation of limitless variations on each preset. Plus, the Oscilloscope lets you see the results of your edits as you make them.


Krotos Audio’s full Concept

Krotos Audio’s full Concept gives the user full access to the underlying engine behind Simple Concept. Comprising two dual-waveform oscillators, ten effects modules and a beautifully visualised freeform modulation system, and facilitates unfettered assignment of parameters to the ’Tweak It’ system for controlled randomisation. A thoroughly contemporary analogue-style synthesiser, Concept successfully strikes the right balance of approachability and versatility and sounds superb doing it.


Key Features:

  • VST/AU/AAX plug-in synth for Mac and PC
  • Powered by the Concept synthesis engine
  • 80+ presets across the gamut of sound types
  • Three pre-assigned Macros for every preset
  • ADSR amp and/or filter envelope
  • ‘Tweak It’ randomisation system
  • Audio input for amplitude- or pitch-based envelope following modulation
  • Oscilloscope output signal visualiser


Novation has announced that from the 11th June to 6th August 2020, members of Novation’s Sound Collective community can take their MIDI compositions to the next level by downloading FrozenPlain’s Obelisk auto-chord plug-in for free. And also claim a 30% discount on the pad/drone-specialising Wraith synth.


Obelisk is a powerful VST/AU plug-in that turns monophonic MIDI sequences into key/scale-constrained chord progressions, based on your specifications.


Select the harmonic intervals you want to have automatically stacked above and/or below the incoming notes from an extensive menu – Minor 7th, Fourth, Tritone, Octave, etc – or load one of a variety of pre-set chords. Then set a key and scale from a similarly comprehensive roster – Major, Minor, Harmonic Minor, Blues, Arabic, Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic, etc – to constrain the chords to that tonal base.


Your own custom chord shapes and scales can be saved and recalled, and for compositional flexibility, you can house up to four different setups in a single instance of Obelisk, enabling on-the-fly key-switching between chords and scales as your track progresses.


Obelisk is an incredibly useful MIDI tool and will not only prove invaluable in bringing depth and musicality to your tracks but is also sure to improve your understanding of harmony during the process.


Key Features:

  • VST/AU plug-in for Mac and PC
  • Automatically generate user-defined chords of up to four octaves in range from monophonic input
  • Constrain chords to any key and a wide range of scales
  • Four ‘channels’ each host their own chords and keys/scales for on-the-fly key-switching
  • Many pre-set chords included
  • Create and save custom chords and scales
  • Save and load complete plug-in state pre-sets
  • ‘Last Chord’ display names auto-generated or manually played chords
  • Resizable GUI with three visual themes
  • Onboard tooltips


Meanwhile, Wraith is a flexible synthesiser built for dark cinematic sound design, with 3 independent layers, each drawing from a library of 230 samples and featuring its own filtering, modulation, EQ and looping controls.


Novation has just announced its latest software giveaway for its Sound Collective members. ROLI’s ROLI Studio Player and ROLI Studio Drums are both available for download from 9th April to the 11th June 2020 for FREE.


ROLI Studio Player offers hundreds of larger than life synth basses, pads, leads, FX and much more at your fingertips, generated using the company’s Equator, Strobe 2 and Cypher 2 engines. Whereas ROLI Studio Drums is the worlds first desktop MPE drums plug-in that offers 15 ready-made 16-pad sampled and synthesised drum and percussion kits.


ROLI Studio Player and ROLI Studio Drums are an intuitive, versatile and incredibly rewarding electronic musical double act. ROLI Studio Player and ROLI Studio Drums will effortlessly transform your existing projects and always inspire new creations with their sublime sonics and performance-orientated controls.


Key Features:

ROLI Studio Player

  • Compatible with Windows 10 and macOS 10.13+ (64-bit)
  • Works stand-alone or as VST/Audio Units plug-in
  • Massive library of selected Equator, Strobe2 and Cypher2 presets
  • Adjust preset-specific parameters with three macro sliders and XY pad
  • Smart Chords module generates chord progressions from single notes
  • Three-layer Arpeggiator for quickly creating complex and evolving sequences
  • Four Audio Effects inserts with a wide variety of modules
  • Output MIDI data from Smart Chords and Arpeggiator (VST only)


ROLI Studio Drums

  • Windows 10 and macOS 10.13+ support (64-bit)
  • Works stand-alone or as VST/Audio Units plug-in
  • Synthesised and sampled sounds in the world’s first MPE drum engine
  • 15 pro-quality kits of 16 pads each, created by ROLI’s in-house sound team
  • Macro slider and XY control for each drum pad
  • Four Audio Effects inserts with a wide a variety of modules


Sound Collective is a community hub that brings you, Novation and some of the most innovative software brands together. Sound Collective makes it easy for you to keep up to date with regular free software downloads and generous discounts on high-end plug-ins. To join the Sound Collective, simply register any Novation product, then lookout for new offers every couple of months.


To find out more about the Sound Collective or register a product, click here

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