Landr Software Added to Focusrite Interfaces

Landr Software Added to Focusrite Interfaces
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Landr Software Added to Focusrite Interfaces

Focusrite are excited to announce two new partnerships. Firstly, long-term friends Avid are offering new and existing Scarlett 3rd Gen and Clarett+ product owners a three-month subscription to Pro Tools Artist and the Avid Complete Plugin Bundle. Secondly, a partnership with Landr enhances Focusrite’s Hitmaker Expansion plug-in offering.

Find out more about Focusrite's partnership with Avid here



Focusrite has partnered with Landr to enhance the Hitmaker Expansion offering, ensuring that they are always providing their customers with studio-grade tools to achieve their goals of releasing and publishing their music easily.

The inclusion of Landr, an AI-based mastering tool, to Hitmaker Expansion enables Focusrite customers to master their music and distribute it to streaming platforms within the same platform. Landr comes with a two-month Landr Studio subscription and five free masters to be used at any time.

Focusrite continually evaluates the plugins offered to Focusrite customers as part of the Hitmaker Expansion to ensure the right partners that are included add real value for the customer. As such, they have made some exciting improvements to the Hitmaker Expansion to be aware of.

Landr will be added to Hitmaker Expansion, customers can redeem a two-month Landr Studio subscription and five masters to be used at any time. This is an easy solution for mastering tracks ready for streaming platforms and distributing digital releases on Spotify, Apple Music, and many other streaming platforms.

bx_Oberhausen will be removed from Hitmaker Expansion.

bx_Masterdesk will be removed from Hitmaker Expansion.

All other plugins including Antares Auto-Tune Access, Brainworx bx_console Focusrite SC, Focusrite Red 2 & 3 Plug-in Suite, Softube Marshall Silver Jubilee, XLN Audio Addictive Keys, XLN Audio Addictive Drums, and Relab LX480 Essentials are still included.


Make Studio Quality Records

The Hitmaker Expansion, together with your Focusrite interface, makes any space a fully-fledged pro studio. The power of decades of large-format studio music-making has been packed into an easy-to-use software suite, allowing you to make studio-quality records wherever the music takes you.

Scarlett users can spark inspiration instantly with three months’ access to Splice’s huge Sounds library.

With 100 credits per month added to your account, you can explore thousands of artists and millions of sounds with Splice’s intuitive search feature: by genre, tempo, instrument, artist, label and more.

Drop a few sounds into your DAW and see where the music takes you.

Create the perfect mix with Focusrite’s FAST Balancer. Instantly improves your audio’s characteristics through trouble-free controls and a powerful AI, giving you professional results.

Balance the frequency spectrum of your voice and instruments in one click. Polish them instantly and have a professional-sounding mix without needing to tweak countless settings.


Why Focusrite Wins

Focusrite interfaces come with the most complete software bundle of any audio interface on the market, providing customers with legendary tools to produce studio-quality tracks, including:

  • Industry-standard plugins for vocal processing with Antares® Auto-Tune® Access for getting the best vocal takes
  • The unmistakable sound of Marshall guitar amplification from Softube
  • Professional keyboard and drum sounds courtesy of XLN Audio
  • Plugins to create stunning mixes with Focusrite’s iconic studio outboard as well as with the latest AI-powered processing
  • Mastering & publishing to share songs with the world using Landr Studio
  • Iconic recording software from Pro Tools & Ableton


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