Studiospares appointed exclusive HH Tensor-Go dealer in the UK

Studiospares appointed exclusive HH Tensor-Go dealer in the UK.

Studiospares Europe Ltd. are pleased to announce their appointment as the exclusive UK dealer for the new HH Tenser-Go. From the brand's inception in 1968, HH Electronics have spearheaded innovative audio product design through to the present day.

Adam Groves, HH Electronics Sales and Marketing Manager said...

“HH are extremely proud to develop an already healthy partnership further with this exclusive appointment. We look forward to supporting this fantastic professional audio specialist Studiospares across the life span of the Tensor-Go system and beyond”

With the introduction of the positively received Tensor loudspeaker range in 2020, HH Electronics are expanding Tensor further with the inclusion of the versatile, portable array system; Tensor-Go.

Tensor-Go is primed for versatile audio amplification, thanks to the high-capacity integrated lithium-ion battery offering up to 20 hours; providing cable-free amplification in areas exempt from a dedicated mains supply.

Impressive output performance is efficiently handled by the extensive 800-Watt Class D amplifier, ensuring uncompromised user performance.

High-performance 8-inch HH subwoofer and a 6 x 2.75-inch arrayed HH High/Mid satellite provide ultra-wide horizontal dispersion with a stellar audio response.

With 4-channel integrated mic/line mixing functionality, High-grade balanced ¼-inch/XLR combination input connections and studio-quality digital reverb, Tensor-Go provides professional-grade audio reproduction for microphones, instruments, and other audio devices directly.

12V DC charge point allows the system to be charged from a 12V output–a vehicle battery for example.

4 professionally voiced audio modes–Music, Live, Natural, Speech–optimise Tensor-Go’s characteristics to desired applications; whether that’s DJ, Fitness, Audio streaming, Live band, Orchestral or Public address.

Bluetooth v5.0 expands wireless connectivity further by pairing with mobile devices for wireless audio streaming and transmitting audio to a second Tensor-Go system via the integrated ‘Wireless Stereo Pairing’ technology.

Enclosures are manufactured from high durability Polypropylene with a simple ‘Click and Connect’ design, removing the requirement for external Sub Sat cabling.

Protective sub slipcover and padded column carry bag complete the package. Protecting your Tensor-Go during transport.

We’re also excited to announce that the new HH Tensor-Go will be available in the UK exclusively at Studiospares.

Dave West, Studiospares MD said of the appointment that...

“HH is a brand with a genuine British heritage with an excellent design and development philosophy. So, it’s hardly surprising that they have launched a versatile system as the new Tensor-Go. So, we are very pleased to be appointed the UK exclusivity for this exciting new and innovative product.” 

The HH Tensor-Go is scheduled to ship in the UK in October 2021.
Contact Studiospares on 020 2802 99300 or for more. 

Find the HH Tensor-Go here


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