Artist Spotlight: Delaire The Liar

Artist Spotlight: Delaire The Liar
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Artist Spotlight: Delaire The Liar

Delaire The Liar, EP release show at VANS, Covent Garden 10th December 2021

Last Friday the team at Studiospares had the pleasure of collaborating with Rude Records to celebrate the release of the new EP from Delaire The Liar, ‘Eat Your Own’ at the Vans Boutique Store in Covent Garden, London.

The band's new EP, and first on the label, Rude Records is as punchy as it is gut-wrenching from start to finish. Delivering delicately layered harmonies, hauntingly powerful lyrics, huge drums and the guitar tone many of us grew up with, this EP is nothing short of a statement to tell everyone that the band are here and mean serious business. This is a band I expect to be seen topping bills around the globe for years to come.

Delaire The Liar have already been pushed by the likes of Kerrang! Who called them ‘Truly excellent', and their release has already topped Spotify editorial playlists such as ‘All New Rock’.


"Before the band undoubtedly explode with success"


We couldn’t help but feel incredibly lucky to be part of a select few seeing Delaire The Liar at such an intimate show before the band undoubtedly explode with success.

The staging for the event was generously provided by RATstands, Designers & manufacturers of music stands, conductor stands, lighting, chairs & staging for musicians, performing arts venues & educational institutions, whose company ethos is strong and simple. Inspired by musicians for musicians.

RATstands supplied us with Speed Deck staging. Greg Niedzwiecki in-house sound engineer and tech-guru for the night was a huge fan. “I was a touring engineer for 15 years before Studiospares and stage deck has always been a bit of a nightmare with separate clamps and bolts etc. To have something that locks together all in one unit and is rock solid was a lifesaver!”

In terms of PA, we set up the venue with a stereo pair of the all-new HH Electronics Tensor-Go all in one column PA, which provided an incredibly well rounded and punchy sound to the venue, showcasing the PA system in its absolute element. HH kindly lent us two monitors for the show as well, a TRE-1001 and a TRM-1201, both of which will be available from early 2022.


After soundcheck, the band took a few minutes out of what was surely a day of huge excitement and utter chaos to talk to us about their new EP and the show ahead.


"It is rare for us to be able to hear everything on stage so well!"


“We have just finished soundcheck ahead of our set tonight. It is rare for us to be able to hear everything on stage so well, which was sick and that is thanks to HH Electronics”, explained lead vocalist, Ffin Coley, who followed by thanking RATstands for “The great staging, which isn’t ratty at all… Very sleek!”

Drummer, Chaz Tomlinson who was taking up Cajon duties on the night told us his thoughts on the HH system. “The Tensor-Go sound pretty good and we are really happy with the sound they are giving us in this room. We are very happy that we are able to use them today… So versatile for such a small system. The monitors deliver a great punch, and we love a bit of punch.”

I asked Chaz to tell us a little bit more about the recording of the EP. “We started recording the EP last year during the lockdown. We spent a lot of time apart, as did everyone. This provided quite a new writing experience for us, not always easy but we’d like to think that we overcame adversity in that sense. We are just so happy with where we got to with it, and very pleased to have signed to Rude Records!”


"We couldn’t have done it without you"


Steph Van Spronsen, Rude Records label manager delivered her dearest thanks to "HH, RATstands and Studiospares for supplying all of the gear tonight and helping us out... We couldn’t have done it without you"

The band performed acoustic versions of their new EP, ‘Eat Your Own’ in its entirety along with stripped back versions of a few fan favourites to finish of the set. Ffin teased the crowd with the possibility of a stage dive all-night, but you’ll have had to have been there to know whether it really happened or not.


The EP and the rest of the Delaire The Liar back catalogue is available to stream now at the usual places, with buckets of merch and more available from Rude Records.


If you’re interested in any of the gear mentioned above or are interested in discussing your live event with us, contact the team at


*Band image supplied by Tom Russell