Neutrik 48 Way Hard Wired Patchbay RPM-48SH

Availability: Discontinued

  • Neutrik 48 Way Hard Wired Patchbay RPM-48SH, hard-wired for absolute reliability.
  • A 48-way A-gauge patch bay with 24 fixed stereo modules.
  • The top rear 1/4 inch jack is used as retention for the module only.
  • The modules are balanced (stereo) and non-reversible.
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Neutrik 48 Way Hard Wired Patchbay (Part number: RPM-48SH)

Hard wired for absolute reliability. Using plugs and sockets for rear termination adds two plugs and two sockets per channel and decreases reliability.

This version can be unnormalised by simply unplugging a small jumper plug.

NOTE: Normalised or Un-normalised only [Please note this is a Rean branded Neutric RPM-48SH]

IP67 No