Monitor Speaker Stands Desk Clamp-On-Set of 2 by Trojan Pro

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  • Monitor Speaker Stands Desk Clamp-On-Set of 2 by Trojan Pro, get the perfect listening position by adjusting your speaker's height and angle.
  • Fits Most Desktop Surfaces - These studio monitor stands will fit most desktop thicknesses with ease.
  • Multipurpose - As well as studio monitors and speakers these stands can also support laptops, projectors and more.
  • Sound Isolating Rubber Pads - For accurate monitoring, the top plate has a rubber cover to prevent vibrations from colouring the sound you are hearing.
  • Rugged All Metal Construction - Robust all-metal construction means these stands won't let you down and will stand the test of time for years to come.
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Trojan Pro Monitor Speaker Stands Desk Clamp-On - Set of 2

The Trojan Pro Clamp-on Desktop Monitor Speaker Stands are a practical solution compared to using large, heavy floor monitor stands that take up valuable floor space or placing your speakers on your desktop. The monitor stands function by elevating and separating your monitors from any given surface so you can listen to a totally isolated sound for the most accurate studio monitoring experience, whilst allowing you to save space in your studio or desktop. Easily find the perfect listening position with lockable height and tilt controls for years to come, all thanks to the rugged all-metal construction.

*Not suitable for glass surfaces.


Adjustable Height and Tilt

The Trojan Pro Clamp-on Desktop Monitor Speaker Stands features height adjustability of 23cm to 32cm with angle/tilt adjustability so you can achieve the perfect listening position for your studio monitors while mixing and recording.


Fits Most Desktop Surfaces

The clamps on the Trojan Pro Clamp-on Desktop Monitor Speaker Stands will support most desktop surfaces and will exhibit incredible stability properties once secured. You can rest assured knowing that once these stands are mounted, your monitors will be safely mounted for the entire duration they are mounted.


Sound Isolating Rubber Pads

The Trojan Pro Clamp-on Desktop Monitor Speaker Stands features rubber pads on top of the mounting plates. These provide essential grip qualities to your mounted speakers of choice whilst providing excellent sound isolation qualities so unwanted vibrations don’t travel into your desktop and colour the sound you are hearing.


Rugged All-Metal Construction

These stands are comprised of the highest-grade materials and build quality. Being constructed by diecast aluminium, these stands exhibit incredible durability qualities that will last a lifetime of use.

Colour Black
IP67 No
  • Monitor Plate Dimensions: (L) 22.5cm x (W) 18.5cm x (D) 0.8cm
  • Clamp Dimensions: (L) 8cm x (W) 3.8cm x (D) 0.4cm
  • Maximum Height: 32cm
  • Minimum Height: 23cm
  • Product Weight: 3.85kg
  • Material: Diecast Aluminium
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight Capacity: 60kg